Cybersecurity is not just about hacking

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Cybersecurity can be regarded as the protection of critical information and sensitive spaces from malicious digital attacks. It is also referred to as IT security because it is designed to safeguard and preserve sources against cyber systems, regardless of interior or exterior threats. 

Hacking is one of the main reasons why cybersecurity plays an essential role in today’s world. However, it cannot be considered as the sole purpose as to why cyber security training is taken up by several students. For instance, the Left Pad Scandal from the year 2016 showcases how third-party software can face risks due to meagre vulnerabilities.

Experts have commented that security staffs are extremely less numbered, bringing about very less sources to combat such cyber attacks. A new dimension can be only achieved if information security courses are marked with the right amount of importance.

What is Hacking and how is it Different From Cybersecurity?

Hacking refers to the activity to recognize vulnerabilities in a network or system so that access can be gained through internal information via exploitation of security. It usually falls under the category of criminal activities because it mostly deals with cases such as fraud or privacy invasion.

However, hacking is different from cybersecurity because it has no intention to protect the data from external linkages. Cybersecurity’s main objective is to provide for possible measures in order to secure the system.

Why is Hacking Confused with Cybersecurity?

There is always an air of confusion when it is asked if hacking and cybersecurity fall under the same category or not. It is totally different from each other as cybersecurity covers a huge domain that requires ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking can be referred to as hacking which has a positive intention to protect the system, unlike hacking. It is legal in nature and works only with the permission of the superiors present in the organization. 

 The main differences between hacking and cybersecurity are:-

Cybersecurity Hacking
Provides measures to understand the security framework Acquiring/stealing personal information
Including data security regulatory compliance Letting down of a network by disbanding operations
Maintains the quality and smooth functioning of the system  Erase, destroy or modify the database of a system

How can Hackers Help set up Cybersecurity Features?

Penetration hackers if identified through legal mediums can be converted into ethical hackers, bringing in benefits for various organizations. Their main roles include:-


  • Identifying Vulnerabilities: These types of hackers identify those security measures which are effective for the company and require to be updated. When they successfully recognize the problems, they send in reports to their superiors. These contain inefficiencies such as lack of password encryption, unprotected data, and exposed networks. 
  • Demonstration of Methods Used by Unethical Hackers: The ways of hacking are best known by them as they have been into the same profession as well. The in-depth knowledge is applied in various cases in order to prevent hackers from entering into a system. Such ethical hackers also have the knowledge to identify the unethical ones.
  • Preparing for a Cyber Attack: Most companies are usually unaware of cyberattacks, which can cause severe problems to their systems. Ethical hackers can identify the main as well as internal threats to identify the bad actors. Techniques are implied by them to prevent the digital attacks that have been implemented by the black-hat hackers. Future risks are best understood by these white hat hackers because they understand the evolving nature of threats available in the digital domain.



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