Cyber security training online: 6 ways to keep your personal information safe

cybersecurity course

Cybersecurity is an issue that is becoming increasingly important as people spend more and more time on the internet and data can easily be exposed. However, this is a problem not only for individuals but also for businesses. For this reason, more and more cyber security courses online are becoming available.

At Imarticus you will find the ideal cyber security course for you, designed in collaboration with leading industry experts. In the meantime, we leave you with 6 tips to keep your personal information safe.

#1 Only visit safe websites

A large number of websites do not have security measures or are malicious. For this reason, it is essential to take extreme precautions when sharing personal data on the internet, and the easiest way to do this is to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy websites. The best technique is to check whether it follows the HTTPS security protocol: if the URL includes an -s at the end, it means that it is a secure website and is adapted to protection standards. Another sign is a green padlock at the beginning of the link.

#2 Always install updates

It is often thought that updating software and applications is unimportant. However, this habit of ignoring updates can be a huge risk, since the different protection patches that vendors offer to solve previously detected security errors are not implemented. In other words, having the latest software update will optimize the level of security, and is an effective strategy for keeping data and files safe from potential security breaches, cyber-attacks, etc.

#3 Do not use the same username and password for different online services

More and more services, programs, or applications can be used over the Internet, and remembering different usernames and passwords can become complicated. For this reason, the same login credentials are often used to simplify and avoid forgetfulness and problems. This is a huge mistake because if someone gains access to one of these applications, it will be very easy for them to break into the others and take control of any of the services a user has.

#4 Download applications only from official markets

games, social networks, online banking... there are more and more mobile applications available for download and this means that users tend to install a large number of these programs on their mobile devices. It is important to make sure that whenever you download one of these apps it is official and also to read the different conditions of use, as some of them can be abusive and in many cases, you can lose control over your data and information.

#5 Protect devices

A cybercriminal can gain access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer in many ways, thereby stealing an incalculable amount of information. Given this situation, it is essential nowadays to protect yourself against cyber-attacks and, for this reason, it is important to have security software that protects your devices and information.

#6 Keep your inbox safe

When you receive a suspicious email from a company requesting personal information, question the legitimacy of the message and contact the company directly through their official sites to ensure the message is true. Also, if you receive unsolicited emails with suspicious attachments or links, you should never download or click on them, as they may be a way to download malware to your device. 

With the information security courses, you will learn this and more up to an industrial scale. Learning at Imarticus is practical and will provide you with the tools to learn about security processes and techniques. The program is also designed to prepare you for the different security exams.

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