Cultural-adaptation of internet and mobile-based interventions for Online MBA

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The internet is now the primary source of information for many people. The Web has created a new way to live, work, and communicate. With this type of technology comes an increased need for cultural adaptation efforts to provide appropriate and helpful content to all cultures.

This blog post will explore how MBA students can serve by cultural adaptation methods to increase their understanding of various topics, such as globalization, business management course, and leadership styles.

business management courseWhat do you mean by cultural adaptations of the internet?

An example of a cultural adaptation of an internet resource would be an international business management course by Columbia University. To make the global content relevant to students, professors adapted parts of the system using examples from their home country.

For instance, Wu et al. (2001) mentioned that this type of adaptation could involve omitting specific material, changing the sequencing of topics, or inserting new examples to demonstrate the impact of different cultural beliefs.

How do culture and society influence the best online MBA courses?

The culture in which someone lives influences how they interpret their environment.  Therefore, international educators creating content for their target audience must clearly understand the target population's values, beliefs, and customs.

For example, in Chinese culture, individuals value saving face and not embarrassing themselves or others. Therefore, if an international educator creates a distance learning MBA course based on western-culture assumptions, there is a risk that students from eastern cultures may misunderstand it.

distance learning MBAAdditionally, society can influence online education in those different societies to have different rules about the role of technology.

For example, internet access is available in Germany at most public places, and school-age children can use mobile phones in class under certain conditions. By contrast, Italy has strict laws against internet piracy.

What are the main challenges in designing mobile-based interventions for international online MBAs?

There are many challenges when creating mobile-based interventions to accompany an existing e-learning course. The expensive cost of developing these tools may lead some professors to avoid using them altogether.

Additionally, there is challenging to determine which devices to use to ensure that most students can freely access the content. Finally, for these mobile-based interventions to be genuinely accessible and helpful, online educators must understand how culture and society influence international students' engagement with technology.

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