Choosing the right cyber security course with job assurance matters

cybersecurity courses

Choosing the right cyber security course with job assurance matters

In recent years cybersecurity has evolved and expanded dramatically. This is considered a separate arena within Information Technology (IT) security. In the present-day scenario, businesses are frequently encountering malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. 

Therefore, companies are in dire need of great cybersecurity strategies and experts. 

A career in cybersecurity is lucrative and has high job opportunities. If you are willing to commence a career as a cybersecurity specialist then in this article we have discussed the importance of a cybersecurity course with job assurance.

What is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity or Computer security is a technology that safeguards a computer system as well as a network from cyberattacks and threats. Cyberattacks tend to alter, damage, and disclose confidential data of an organization or any individual. Due to these attacks, companies have to face massive losses. Hence, an excellent cybersecurity strategy is required to secure all sensitive data. 

What are the job opportunities as a Cybersecurity Specialist?

Various sectors like the banking sector, government sector, and private sector are steadily recruiting Cybersecurity Specialists. Here are some positions one can earn after completing a cyber security course with placement. 

  1. Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer is one of the most vital positions in an organization. The main task of this role is to make sure that security systems have been installed appropriately in an organization to prevent cyberattacks. Apart from this, a Network Security Engineer also maintains computer systems, enhances automation, and identifies susceptibilities. They also supervise the maintenance of routers, firewalls, switches, various appliances, and VPNs. 

Network Security Engineers are in huge demand. Therefore, companies offer lucrative remunerations along with several benefits. The average salary of a  Network Security Engineer in India is INR 5,59,902 per annum.

  1. Security Architect

Companies require a Security Architect.  They play a vital role in designing and creating the company's security structure as well as network system according to the requirements.  An organization's security system is weak and vulnerable without a Security Architect. They also decide the company's policies in the time of security lapses. Besides,  a Security Architect also decides how the employees will utilize the security system. 

In India, the minimum salary of a Security Architect is approximately INR. 22.33,499 per annum.

  1. Information Security Manager

The main job of an Information Security Manager is to discover various loopholes that may lead to any cyberattack. They safeguard a company's confidential data and network from cyber threats. They also protect computer systems from hackers. Hence, the demand for an Information Security Manager is high among large companies. This is because these companies want to prevent sensitive data leakage during a cyber threat. 

The average pay of an Information Security Manager in India is INR. 15,99,954 per year. 

  1. Cyber Security Analyst

Security measures of a company are upgraded, planned, and implemented by a Cyber Security Analyst. They have to perform security checks to be certain that there are no loopholes or security lapses.  A Cyber Security Analyst also carries forward various risk analyses, exposure checks, and security examinations. They also have to train the workers about the various security procedures and awareness.  

In India, the average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst is around INR. 5,91,212 per annum. 

  1. Ethical Hackers 

An ethical hacker is a valuable asset for modern days companies. This is only because an ethical hacker possesses enough knowledge and ability to crack a hacker's logic. Their job is to perform security tests on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. Ethical hackers also conduct vulnerability tests of applications, programs, networks, and systems. Ethical hackers are quite in demand by various companies. To become an Ethical hacker get yourself enrolled in a cyber security course with placement.

In India, the average pay of an Ethical Hacker is INR. 5,13,333 per year.

Who is eligible for a Cybersecurity course with placement?

  • A student must have Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry in class 12
  • Must have scored a minimum of 50% in class 12
  • Has earned a degree in BTech, BSc, BCA, IT, and CS from a reputed institution.

Advantages of a Cybersecurity course with placement

There are many courses available online but every course does not have a placement opportunity. Courses with placement opportunities will guarantee you job interviews in the cybersecurity field after completion of the course. These courses will invite big companies so can you can bag a great job offer from them. The companies often offer high salaries and lucrative offers. Apart from that, these placements will add more value to your resume.


Get yourself enrolled in the cybersecurity course offered by Imarticus. They have more than 200 partners for placement. These companies and startups recruit beginners for the roles of penetration of tester, cybersecurity analyst, etc. So without any delay get yourself enrolled to grab the best opportunities. 

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