Charting the course of cryptocurrencies in 2022

best fintech courses in India

With the increasing popularity and demand for cryptocurrencies, the industry is in need of more fintech professionals. The year 2021 saw a wider acceptance of this alternative currency. Those who want to start a trading business based on crypto and blockchain must have a basic understanding of this. Since there are now rules and regulations on this type of currency, the basic understanding is more important than ever. 

To help them all, there are numerous online courses available on cryptocurrency and fintech. In order to master this area, one must choose a quality and competent course that would help mold you for the job.

Some rules to follow in 2022

The interested investors and traders of cryptocurrency must follow some basic rules in 2022. Since there are going to be more entries towards this industry, it is important to know the rules and follow them diligently. 

  1. Rule number one is to religiously do your research about the subject, even if there are tools and programs to help you with it. They can only help you as much but it is you who needs to take the final step. Make sure to understand the financial and technical analysis.
  2. Crypto has always been volatile but the massive pumping could end up having a landslide in its value. It is likely to have some cooling down period and extended consolidation. But it may not be a major factor for an investor. At the same time, it can be crucial for a trader. 
  3. Rule number three is not to follow the online hype. Give more importance to the utilities of crypto rather than who is talking about it and assuming its progress in 2022. 
  4. The next rule is to play safe with the old school players in the industry. They are all tried and tested players that are safe for newcomers. 
  5. Keeping up with the latest events and news about crypto is the next rule. The various crypto events conducted across the globe could be significant for the progress of this industry in 2022. 
  6. Finally, the golden rule is to give more importance to building your knowledge about this field. Look for the various platforms that can help with trading tools, insights, risk analysis, etc. 

Online courses for cryptocurrency

The best route for understanding cryptocurrency is the financial technology courses that are suitable for both traders and consumers. One such eminent course is the Professional Certificate in Fintech with Imarticus. It is a short-term course of 140 hours, spread over four modules. 

Each module concentrates on the payments, technology used for payments, lending process, and the technologies used for lending. The knowledge gained here is applicable to businesses and their problems. The final exam conducted here will be application-based to assess your knowledge.

You can choose from the core courses of 100 hrs or the pro course of 140 hrs that have the border synopsis of the industry in the former and a comprehensive in-depth course in the latter. The core course will be part of a group while the pro course will be taken individually. 


For a brighter future with cryptocurrency in 2022, you must wisely choose those fintech courses online that provide a border and in-depth knowledge. It will be better rather than choosing any random course that will not help you build your network and work on finding suitable career opportunities in the industry. 

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