Can I Switch to Investment Banking From Another Career?

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Here’s what Shawn Almeda has to say about his jump into investment banking and a job at BNP Paribas through Imarticus Learning.

After engineering, I was struggling to get a good job. Sure, I did odd jobs, but I was not happy or convinced on the path I was taking. It was then that I decided to pursue my long-term second passion, which was Investment Banking.

I heard about Imarticus through a friend who also happened to be doing a course here. After doing a lot more research on Google, reading Imarticus Learning reviews, collecting information about Imarticus through other people and talking to the course counselors, I was convinced that this course is for me.

I would rate the Imarticus Learning’s faculty a 5 on 5.

I would like to thank Lourdes Ma’am, Rajesh Sir and Sharon Ma’am, in particular. The faculty explained even the most difficult concepts really well. During the course, if we had any doubts, we could approach them anytime.

The soft skills class, which was very interesting, helped me to boost my confidence. In all, learning with Imarticus was a really good experience.

I got placed through Imarticus Learning, and I’m excited about my training in the UK.

Currently, I’m working at BNP Paribas – I got placed through the Imarticus Learning placement process. Just five days after joining the company, I got to know that I would be flying to the UK for training. I was not expecting this, but I’m pretty excited because I will be meeting senior professionals in the industry and trying my hand at new things.

After doing the CIBOP course, I would rate Imarticus a solid 5 on 5. This is because moving from engineering to Investment Banking with nothing else in between would have otherwise been difficult for me. CIBOP gave me a great launching pad to get myself into the deep end of Investment Banking.

This brief period of two and a half months doing certified industry-endorsed Investment Banking training gave me a lifetime’s worth of experience. And for that, I would like to thank Imarticus Learning a lot.

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