Blockchain: A Solution for Positive Shopping Behaviours Amid Covid19

The world is battling against the recent pandemic of the novel coronavirus. The whole world has come to a standstill and everyone is trying to practice social distancing and safety measures. Not only medically, but this pandemic has also challenged people financially, mentally, etc. We are lucky that we have so many technologies that are doing our share of work. One such technology is blockchain which is helping a lot nowadays amidst this pandemic. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of blockchain technology in the shopping sector amidst this chaos.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a technology that supports payments through digital channels. It takes care of digital information/data during online transfers. It allows the user to share digital data with any person and that information can only be read. Blockchain ensures that people can only access information about digital payments and history. They cannot change or manipulate the data/information.

The power of authority is equally shared among people as there is no central controlling point in blockchain technology. Security is the main responsibility of blockchain. Blockchain is widely used in digital transactions and cryptocurrency distribution. Let us see the positive effect of blockchain technology on shopping behaviors of people.

Less portal charges

You can transfer information from one point to another using blockchain technology without any transaction fees or portal charges. The block/information which is to be transferred is passed on to the millions of computers around the globe before reaching its final destination. If someone tries to falsify this information, then he/she has to falsify all the million checkpoints too through which the information is passed before reaching its final location.

For example, whenever we do a credit card transaction on any online portal, we give a few transaction charges which are taken by the credit card company or the service provider. There are no transaction charges cut by the blockchain technology in such transactions. Amidst this pandemic, we can apply this technology worldwide to reduce buying costs for all the people involved.

Distribution of control

There is no central authority in the blockchain. It is a decentralized technology. Covid19 has forced people to stay in their homes and work from home. If there was a centralized technology, then all the information would be stored on one entity only and people would have to monitor and control it, if any damage comes to the central authority, it can result in complete data loss and security concerns. Blockchain enables information sharing by everyone without being manipulated. This will surely help in shopping and marketing amidst this novel coronavirus outbreak.

Transparency and Stability

If you want to look up to transactions of any cryptocurrency institution, you can easily see it using blockchain technology. But you can only see the transactions and cannot manipulate them. For each block, a hash code is generated and it is hard to break all the security protocols. All the transaction done with a public address on blockchain technology is visible to everyone. This also forces these firms to follow honesty. Blockchain technology is transparent and secure at the same time.

Since human interaction in physical terms is impossible amidst this outbreak, this technology can clarify the doubts of buyers and can also be trusted because of its transparency. Immutability is also a major concern in blockchain technology. One can understand these things practically through various blockchain online courses.

Note – A hash code is generated through a hash function in which the input string is changed into a different output string. The output string is generally large and tough to decode. Any small changes made in the input string affects the output string by a huge margin.


The human society has taken a huge blow due to covid19. Amidst this pandemic, blockchain technology can ease our difficulties by modifying our shopping habits. One can easily find many blockchain online courses to start learning. It will help us in adapting to the current scenario. This article was all about the pros of shopping through blockchain. I hope it helps!

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