Business Analyst Certification: Costs and Requirements

An emerging key role in businesses of all sizes and industries, business analysts are gaining in both traction and value. The typical business analyst is tasked with creating, overseeing and measuring changes to business processes of operational systems after key insights from data reports. A business analyst is critical to the growth in productivity and efficiency of a company, regardless of its size. Since these players make decisions that can make or break an operation, only the most skilled and highly-certified ones land enviable jobs.

Business analysts are more than capable of interpreting data, paying attention to salient data points and communicating changes to senior management outside the IT department. There are already a plethora of organisations offering certifications to validate your business analysis skills. Business analyst certifications help to prove your fortitude as well as command senior job roles and higher salaries than the rest of the market.

Business analyst certifications are a hallmark of your expertise and experience in the field and negate the need to go into long-drawn explanations of job histories when in an interview. Usually, certifications from the IIBA are valued above all else, because this organisation is the world's leading association for BA.

If you’re keen on exploring a business analyst certification course, you should know that the fee varies depending on the party offering the course. Some of the more popular certifications are as follows.

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

This first-level IIBA certification is designed for budding business analysts without much in-field experience. The certification requires that you obtain 21 hours of credits in professional training, and is a great starting point for those looking to move up the ladder.

Cost: US$60 per application and a further US$235 in exam fees for non-members

Certification of Competency in Business Analysis

The second-level IIBA certification has a whole host of requirements, including 3,750 hours of work in the last 7 years that is fully compatible with the BABOK (Business Analysis Book of Knowledge) guide. Since this is a step-up from the previous level, it also needs 21 hours of professional training done within the last four years.

Cost: US$125 per application and US$450 as exam fees for non-members

Certified Business Analysis Professional

This IIBA certification is for extremely experienced business analysts who have managed to complete 7,500 hours of business analysis work over the last 10 years, among other requirements. Hopeful candidates will also need to ensure they have had 35 hours of development experience in the field over the last four years.

Cost: US$125 per application; US$450 as exam fees for non-members

Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst

This certification is offered by the International Qualification Board for Business Analysis (IQBBA) and qualifies successful candidates to appear for higher-level certifications. This foundational level certification covered the gamut of topics from enterprise analysis to design and innovations. Successful candidates can attempt to obtain the Certified Expert Level Business Analyst (CELBA) and Certified Advanced Level Business Analyst (CALBA) certifications after this round.

Cost: US$250 in exam fees

Professional in Business Analysis

A certification bestowed by the Project Management Institute, this one is tailor-made for those business analysts whose job roles involve working with programmes or projects. Alternatively, it is also ideal for programme managers working with analytics. The business analyst certification course revolves around real-world projects and access to tools and software. With an earned bachelor’s degree, hopeful candidates will need 4,500 hours of consecutive BA work experience within the past 8 years. For those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, this number goes up to 7,500 hours.

Cost: US$555 per application for non-members; no exam fees

A business analyst certification is a great way to prove your worth and validate your experience to secure high-paying jobs across the world!

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