Best Solutions for Managing a Large Onboarding Program

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Why management of a large onboarding program is required?

Data suggests that newly hired professionals have a 25% increased productivity rate in the first month of their job after a well-designed onboarding program. Onboarding itself is a difficult task as new employees need time to adjust to the new social and performance-based aspects of the job. Management of the onboarding program is important because it helps employees get used to their roles. Along with this, they also get used to the company's goals.

Onboarding large groups of employees is particularly difficult because of the sheer size. Everything must be right; however, sometimes, the number of new hires is beyond what an HR team or specialised onboarding team can handle. Therefore, companies need to find the best Onboarding Solutions for better retention of new employees. Here are a few of the best solutions to manage large Employee Onboarding Programs.

Best solutions for the management of a large onboarding program

  1. Automation ofEmployee Onboarding Programs: Automation works well for every size of the onboarding program. It cuts the hiring cost of trainers and the time required to work on it. Automation also helps to cut costs of the onboarding process.
  2. Collective paperwork: Paperwork is the dullest but most important part of the onboarding process. With more employees in an onboarding group, the paperwork could become harder. Bringing all the required paperwork in one place or software could be a great Onboarding Solution. It decreases the time it takes and gives employees a chance to complete the paperwork in their time.
  3. Interactive tools: The onboarding process in most companies is a mechanical job. However, most companies fail to provide an interactive design for the same. In a large onboarding program, it is often difficult to retain the interest of the employees. For such problems, Onboarding Solutions based on games could be the answer. It increases
  • Engagement
  • Attrition rate
  • Retention rate
  1. Create a structured schedule for Employee Onboarding Programs: HR team and team leaders can work on a standard schedule of work for new employees. This helps keep the confusion away, thus resulting in effective onboarding.
  2. Create a cross-department onboarding team: A company functions with just one department. Departments are interlinked to increase the efficiency of the work. New employees lack an understanding of how the departments are linked. Thus, the main focus of managing a large onboarding program should be on how to teach them the links. Designing a small team with employees from each department could work wonders in large onboarding Employee Onboarding Programs.
  3. Include everyone in the Onboarding Solutions: The major problem with managing a large onboarding program is time management. New hires might get confused about their role and goals during an onboarding program.

Companies can schedule one-to-one time between new hires and veterans in their relevant departments. This personalises the onboarding process of a large group. This spreads out the burden of onboarding on everyone equally. That, in turn, increases the speed of the process.

Why choose Imarticus Learning

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Imarticus Learning has experience of more than 60,000 days of training. Imarticus has trained over 1.2 million professionals and received a feedback score of 4.32 out of 5. With its pocket-friendly, all-in-one, game-based Onboarding Solutions for everyone, 90% of employees in a large onboarding program become more productive.

With Imarticus Learning, companies can:

  • Customise the environment according to the company's requirement
  • Configure templates to ensure that it connects well to the company's message
  • As it is a large onboarding program, managing the users is difficult. Imarticus brings the option of managing users, which brings adding, removing and managing on a single dashboard.
  • Manage details of the company in a single place

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