5 Outstanding Onboarding Solutions for Startups and SMEs

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Why onboarding solutions for Startups and SMEs are important?

Hiring is one of the most expensive parts of any business. Companies need to consider numerous elements, such as advertising costs, salaries of the HR team, travel expenses, etc., during the process. Onboarding is thus a crucial process in retaining new employees who have just been hired.

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In particular, outstanding onboarding solutions are a must for startups or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). An onboarding solution reduces cost, saves time, and works well for the company's growth. According to research, 69% of employees who undergo a structured onboarding process are most likely to remain in a company for at least three years. Onboarding solutions also help promote a strong company culture.

5 outstanding onboarding Solutions for startups and SMEs

1. Start early onboarding

It is important to share information about the company's goals, culture, values, history, and team before the start date of onboarding. It aids employees in becoming a part of the team. Companies can deliver paperwork earlier along with information about the surroundings and timings to induce them better in the team. Companies can also add employee onboarding welcome kits for new hires to help them feel welcome.

2. Introductions are important

Introductions are important, especially in the current environment of remote working. As most startups and SMEs are opting for WFH, introductions are often missed, creating confusion. This could adversely impact the company's productivity and, thus, efficiency. New hires must understand how teams are linked and coordinate for better results. Imarticus's game-based onboarding process brings the company's introductions and details into a single place.

3. Automation

Automation is a tested way to reduce the cost of the onboarding process. As startups or SMEs cannot afford to hire a trainer for each onboarding, automation could be the best solution. Automation gives greater autonomy to companies to tweak employee onboarding programs according to their requirements. For this, Imarticus Learning provides games-based solutions that could be customised. Moreover, it provides every piece of information in one single dashboard.

4. Design a comprehensive training program

SMEs and startups must create a comprehensive employee onboarding program. A well-designed comprehensive training program includes everything a new employee needs to know. It helps them do their jobs more efficiently, thus speeding up the onboarding process. Companies can use software or trainers for the same. However, it is often difficult to hire trainers for each small batch of employees ready for onboarding. For such problems, Imarticus Learning offers pre-designed onboarding solutions ready to be customised.

5. Get feedback

For small companies, designing an employee onboarding program is time and cost-consuming. Feedback is a great tool for understanding and perfecting the process. It also improves the retention rate as employees understand that they are being valued. Companies can also work on gaps between teams through feedback. Gaps are visible when teams fail to coordinate well, thus creating confusion among new hires. It reduces the chance of making the same mistakes while hiring the next batch of employees.

Why choose Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning has experience of more than 60,000 days of training. Imarticus has trained over 1.2 million professionals and received a feedback score of 4.32 out of 5. With its pocket-friendly, all-in-one, game-based onboarding solutions for everyone, 90% of employees in a large onboarding program become more productive.

Imarticus Learning's game-based learning solutions provide effective onboarding solutions for SMEs and startups. Companies can easily configure pre-designed templates to align with employee goals and responsibilities. Imarticus also provides a single dashboard to manage users and details of the company.

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