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The Finance industry landscape in India branches out into three categories, namely investment banking, corporate finance and commercial banking. To get an entry into any of the aforementioned fields, just having a generic education in a finance related background is not enough. As the number of finance aspirants increases, the various employers of top firms and companies, begin to glean out the best-suited candidates, who would be an asset and add business value to their firm. This is why, today those candidates, which have a specialized certification in any particular course are very sought after. This is one of the reasons why certification courses have become really popular in across industries, for an aspirant to land in the best position imaginable.
Finance CoursesLet’s talk about Corporate Finance Courses in specific, here those candidates, who are looking to add value to their C.V, take up these as opportunities to improve their career standing. A lot of these courses basically deal with real-world business solutions and challenges faced in the corporate sector, which a corporate finance professional has to deal with. These also include a number of elaborated topics such as net present value techniques, financial strategies, methodologies and solutions, which make up for most of the subject matter herein. What differentiates these courses from traditional education, is that they are imparted in real-time, which means that every situation dealt with here, exists in real time and equip a candidate to not only analyze these, but also find a solution for the same.
As the popularity of specialization courses increases, so does the popularity of the institutes providing the same. Imarticus Learning is a professional educational institute that deserves a noteworthy mention. This institute strives to bridge the gap between the industry and academics through their offerings of certification courses in Finance and Analytics. They have been acknowledged numerous times, for their contribution to the field of professional learning, with various awards. Their Diploma in Corporate Finance is one such course, which is considered to be one of the best in the finance community.
The DCF or Diploma in Corporate Finance Program is a 250 hour classroom based one and is delivered by experts. This program includes a judicious mix of academics and pragmatic learning with its hands-on learning and experiential approach. This course provides candidates with a comprehensive knowledge of Accounting, Business Writing, Modelling, Valuation, Equity Research, Credit Search and other aspects of domain knowledge. While these come with just the basic offerings of the course, the candidates also receive training in soft skills including Excel and PowerPoint. What sets this program apart from the rest, is the fact that it is entirely based on the requirements of the finance industry and its evolving nature. Theoretical knowledge is sufficiently supplemented with practical aspects and real-time case studies so that the candidates are able to thoroughly job ready. Being certified, the completion of the course, will not just certify you as a professional, but would also prepare you to clear the Corporate Finance Technical Foundation Certification, thus accelerating your career prospects.

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