Top Cities to Have a Career in Right Now

Top Cities to Have a Career in Right Now

The Parliament of India recently released its Union budget and with the same, there have been a lot of good indications, both for the economy as well as the banking sector. While the country seems to be steadily progressing towards economic growth, the popular vibe among the present generation is an absolute fascination of the west. This is one of the reasons why many professionals, in various industries like Finance, Medicine, Analytics or Engineering and the likes, look to get highly qualified, in order to settle in on the job that they love the work in. This has encouraged the popularity of professional training courses, which are way more industry relevant as compared to the academic courses.
While it is a general notion that is reiterated time and again that you must find a job which you absolutely love doing. This idea for a lot of people gets attached to the more tangible concept of place, as many of the professionals, look to get hired in various foreign countries, in order to get the right kind of job. This is probably why you would see a lot of career websites, promoting different foreign countries, as the best and happiest place to work in. But then again, there are a lot of cities within India as well, with a prominent newspaper ranking Jaipur as the happiest city to live in, there are quite a few others, including the golden quadrangle with their metropolitan areas.So if you are looking for a great city to work in, we have curated a list of some of the happiest cities you can work in. This list basically is based on numerous surveys conducted, highlighting aspects like the happiness factor, compensations, work environment, employee- manager relationships and so on.

Many residents of Chandigarh have time and again agreed to the fact that this city, makes for a great place to live in and thus by extension to be employed in. The many reasons cited would be a sound financial status of the people there, as well as great infrastructural development throughout.

Lucknow has gone on to be the second city to make it into the happiest places to live in list. The people residing in this city highly cherish their needs and desires and consider the same, their source of happiness. With a perfect mixture of the multinational and domestic companies, it makes for a great place to be employed in.

The capital of India, apart from being extremely advanced in terms of infrastructure, it also houses headquarters of a number of nationalized banks, corporate financial institutions, private and public firms, making it the go-to place for all those professionals looking to leverage their career prospects.

How could the economic capital of India, not be a part of this list at all? Apart from being the part of the state that pays the most tax, it also has a thriving financial sector full of top ranking investment banks as well as commercial banks, various companies, which is no wonder why people come here to work.
So now you know, all you have to do now is take your pick! Do you think your city deserves to be on this list? Tell us why!

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