Becoming a cybersecurity analyst in the age of social media

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Becoming a cybersecurity analyst in the age of social media

The growth of social media has increased information distribution. It has proven beneficial in many ways. But it also poses multiple levels of threats to private and sensitive information.

Social media is undoubtedly changing how we discover, produce, and exchange information. Right now, we have multiple media channels. This includes the rise of web3 and metaverse. Thus, the importance of cyber security analysts has risen exponentially.

Outlook for a Cybersecurity Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst needs to understand information systems and networks. You become an expert after years of experience. You need to keep on testing your technical skills all the time.

Cybersecurity's core is IT. But it encompasses more than one or three study fields. You need to be analytical and creative when working as Cyber security specialist. The job demands more than coding skills. It's a new field, but with the rise of the IoT-based revolution, this field will soon be a major part of every aspect of our life.

Cybersecurity offers diverse career opportunities. You can choose any role in any niche. But a course like such is highly specialised. So, you need to have a Bachelor's degree in STEM. There are numerous online resources available today. Keep a tab on ongoing technological trends. This job would demand you to always stay on top. So, go for courses that match today's needs. Check out if they offer you practical experience or mentorship.

The demand for cybersecurity grows at a high rate. This space has been rapidly increasing at 15% every year. By 2025, the overall global spending on cybersecurity will reach $460 billion.

So, we can conclude that this field is soon going to diversify at a rapid rate. Also, the chances of getting a better pay scale in this field are quite higher.

How to Start a Career as a Cybersecurity Analyst?

Learn Cyber Security Basics

First, you need to learn the current threat landscape. It helps you predict threats, loopholes, etc. You are the key to building secure future technology-based development.

Study cybersecurity principles. For example, possible threats to the existing IT system, anticipating future threats, etc. Additionally, study important cybersecurity components like firewalls, routing, network architecture, etc.

Develop and Practice Cybersecurity Technical Skills

There are multiple technical roles you need to do as a Cybersecurity analyst. For example, security audits, examination data encryption, etc. These are some things you need to practice after you get certified. You need some technical skills.

Cybersecurity technical skills include:

Conduct security checks

Examine and analyse network traffic

Check Data Encryption, including how to encrypt.

There are many cybersecurity courses in the market. Some offer live lab sessions to emulate real-world conditions. You use these tools to practise resolving various cybersecurity issues. This is a good way to test your skills.

Obtain a Certificate in Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity course helps you learn many things about the field. The course includes threat detection, developing secured networks, anticipating cyber terrorism, etc. You also learn about the tools and technologies you need for the job. These courses aim to prepare one for the current tech-based industries.

After completion, you get a degree and a certificate. This boosts your candidature while applying for cybersecurity analyst jobs. It aids more when you lack a strong technical background. You can choose online information security analyst courses too.

Review the cybersecurity industry

The growth of internet connectivity and data exchange is continuous. So, cybersecurity needs to upgrade every moment. Cyber attackers constantly develop new strategies and technologies to exploit data and resources. Thus, stay updated to anticipate threats.

Study ongoing advancements and research in cybersecurity. That's another key to success.

Your knowledge and abilities must meet the needs of the moment. Therefore, keep a tab on recent cybercrimes and trends in security and IT.

What Skills Are Critical for Becoming a Cybersecurity Analyst?


You need to know scripting languages and computer programming languages. For example, Java, C++, etc. Cyber security specialists need to decode encoded threats. Sometimes, if necessary, rewrite software.


As cyber security analysts, you also need to learn how to hack. This is called ethical hacking. It helps you understand existing loopholes or anticipate threats to a system. By doing so, you build a secure system, saving it from illegal cyberattacks. Go for courses which offer you opportunities like a hackathon, etc.


You must know how to work with a variety of networks. You need to detect the potential effects of various components on the existing organisation's security.

Knowledge of Different Operating Systems

You need to have extensive knowledge about various OS. For example, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, etc., are some OS. This is a must for every cybersecurity analyst.

Time to Embark on the Path of Becoming a Cybersecurity Analyst!

It is an exciting field which offers various job opportunities. This is perfect for those interested in ethical hacking and cyber security. You can create protected systems for businesses of various niches.

Imarticus Learning offers a PG program in Cyber Security. This is designed and drafted by industry experts for the modern industry. It aims to improve and advance one's technical and industry-based programming skills. With live simulations and other features, you can become an expert.

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