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In today's date, knowing every aspect of finance is a necessity, not a luxury. From running a financially stable household to running a huge company of your own, everyone needs to be able to understand at least a bit of finance. And on top of it, if someone is an expert at the subject, a successful banking career is waiting for them just around the corner.

Who is a Financial Analyst?

If we say it in an easy way, financial analysts are the forecasters and advisors of the financial services industry. Financial analysts have a strong base in financial accounting, and on a regular basis, they go through tons of financial data of the companies they work for, predict financial findings of the market and the company, and help them make the proper financial decisions.


It includes decisions about investing their money in the right place, selling or buying stocks of the company, certain marketing decisions within the company, and more.

Why Choose a Career Being Financial Analyst?

We all know that getting a satisfying job after your graduation is not an easy task. But the financial industry is ever-growing and one of the most lucrative jobs here is being a financial analyst. With more and more companies and products launching in the market every day, they all require analysts to recommend them the right way to go financially and that's why the job opportunities are vast in this area, and opportunities to grow in the job are there too.

It also helps to think that being a financial analyst means they are almost at the center of all the financial decision-making in the industry, or in the market. Also, as a bonus, financial analysts earn quite a satisfying amount of money whether they're in a senior or junior position. You can get promising job opportunities at investment banks, insurance companies, sell and buy-side firms, and even banks.

About the NMIMS PGP in New Age Banking Course

NMIMS, along with Imarticus, have come up with an excellent course model which looks absolutely perfect for whosoever is opting for a banking career or wants to become a financial analyst. They are providing a dual certification just within 24 months with the course.

First, there is a course of 11 months PGP in New Age Banking and second, there is a 2-year course of Global Access PGDBM in Banking & Finance Management.

New Age Banking Course

New Age Banking Course

In the New Age Banking course, students will not only learn the technical side, such as Financial Accounting, Marketing, Business Law, Commercial Banking System, Foreign Management, or Strategic Management but also they'll be able to put their theory learnings to practicality with real-life problem-solving maneuvers. The course also assures great placements.


People studying for a career in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) industry should definitely opt for a job as a financial analyst. The job might not be easy but it certainly can be satisfactory for the finance-loving people out there and nothing can prepare them better for the world out there in the market than the course provided by NMIMS PGP in New Age Banking.

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