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Data Science Skills

What is Data Science?

The Science of combining capital processes, algorithms, and many such best tools to collect, manage and analyze the most important data to make business decisions is Data Science.

Who is a Data Scientist? 

A computing professional beholding the skill of data collection, data storage and management, and data analysis enabling the organization to make data-driven decisions quickly are Data Scientists.

 In-Demand Data Science Skills

Some of the most In-Demand Data Science Skills are:

Understanding of Math & Statistics 

Online Data Science course in India is all about extracting the required information from the data. A depth understanding of mathematical probabilities and statistical methodologies helps in data analysis.

Data Science SkillsThe majority of the data science models are built using one or more, known or unknown variables. Thus, the in-depth understanding of multivariate calculus is the key requirement to develop Machine Learning models.

A detailed understanding of functions such as Logit, Cost, rectified Linear unit, Step, Sigmoid, etc. is very much required to deal with the large data. Apart from these functions, the detailed understanding of Matrix algebra.

vector Algebra and Differential and Integral calculus help the Data Scientists to develop and understand the systems at a faster pace.

 Programming Skills for Data Science

In order to achieve the objective to transform the raw data into business insights, Programming skills plays a crucial role. Among all the programming languages, the go-to languages are Python and R, Python being the lingua franca in the data science field.

Skill to wrangle the Data

The process of removing imperfections from the raw data to get the data that can be easily analyzed is known as Data Wrangling. The entire process includes acquiring the data, combining the data with relevant fields, and cleansing the data. In short mapping the raw data from one form to the other to set up the data to get business insights.

Management Skills

Database management is a prerequisite of Data analysis. The basic requirements for a Database Management System is the family of programs to edit and manipulate the data and the operating system to provide the specific data.

Data Science Career 

The special skills set will definitely make you stand out from the crowd when the field and hence the number of jobs in the market are increasing at a faster pace.

Data Science Career Job Requirements Average salary
Data Scientist ·      Data collection and organization

·      Find the pattern in the data to help the strategic business



Data Engineer ·      Batch Processing of the database

·      Build and maintain data pipelines

·      Make the information available to the Data Scientists

Machine Learning Scientist Research for the new data approaches and deep learning techniques. $114,121
Machine Learning Engineer ·      Create data funnels

·      In-depth understanding of statistics and programming

·      Designing and developing machine learning systems

Data Analyst ·      Transform the large Database to meet the purpose.

·      Prepare the reports to facilitate the decision-making process by communicating trends and insights from the data.

Business Intelligence Developer ·      Design and develop the strategies to make the specific information accessible for business decisions in lesser time.

·      Facilitate the system understanding to the end-users to use the data effectively

Statistician ·      Facilitate the Data Collection process.

·      In-depth Data analysis

·      Data interpretation

·      Identify the relevant trends from the data

·      Design data collection processes

·      Advise the overall organizational strategy

Applications Developer ·   Keeping track of the applications used in the business and internal interaction

·   Design the overall process flow of applications with the inclusion of development of user interface components etc.



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