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In an era where everything is online today, when we log in to a website, we are greeted with the welcome page, menus, and other utilities to make our overall experience simpler. All these items fall under the "front end".

So, in this article, we will be learning about front-end development along with the benefits of pursuing a Full Stack Developer Certification Course.

Front End Development: Meaning

As we discussed above, on visiting a website, we often notice various things like animations, links, buttons, etc. Ever wondered, who created them? Yes, got that right! A front-end web developer is behind all of these. With the help of coding, a front-end developer implements the client's requirements in terms of design and concept.

Everything we see on a web page, from the logo to the website's overall layout, is designed by a front-end developer. He makes sure that the website looks good on all types of devices.

Front End Developer: What We Should Know?

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A front-end web developer is a professional responsible for designing and implementing the website's interface. Through coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, the front-end developer makes sure the design works online. As a front-end developer, one needs to have a sound knowledge of three languages i.e., HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Let us know about them in detail.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). is a language that is used for developing web pages. It displays content like links, headings, and buttons on the web page.


CSS (Cascading style sheets) defines how the components of HTML should appear on the webpage, which includes layouts, colors, and animations. Basically, CSS interacts with HTML, which acts as a building block of a website.


It helps users to interact with the webpage. For instance, when we click the menu button on the top of a web page, it opens a list of options. Javascript is commonly used in webpages, online games, mobile applications, and many more.

DOM: The web page structure 

DOM (The document object model) is the programming interface for XML and HTML documents. It interprets the web page so that programs can improve the content, style, and document structure. DOM provides the documents as objects and nodes, which enables the programming language to connect to the page.

What are the Roles and Duties of a Front-End Developer?

Some duties and roles of a front-end developer in an organisation are mentioned below:

Evolving new user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI).

Testing and determining the technicalities and feasibility of UI and UX by using wireframe presentations and mockups.

Developing frameworks and front-end libraries for future applications.

Enhancing web applications with clean navigation, scalability, responsiveness, and speed in mind.

Collecting user feedback and ensuring that all design methods and user-level features are approved before final submission to the back-end team.

Working with team members and coordinating with stakeholders to build UI/UX designs.

Keeping the brand consistent throughout the whole design.

Developing reusable code for future use.

Skills Required for a Front-End Web Developer

Below mentioned are the skills required for a Front-End Web Developer:

Expertise in HTML and CSS

Basics of JavaScripts

Understand responsive designs

Testing and debugging skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

Well-versed with graphic design applications

Knowledge of code versioning tools and their utilisation

Full Stack Developer Online Course with Imarticus Learning

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