A look at Foundations and Applications of Fintech Specialization!

best Fintech courses in India

Fintech is a relatively new term that is used for a whole host of emerging technologies that help consumers and financial institutions in re-innovating the financial space for improved and faster processes. The industry has seen phenomenal growth largely because it has leveled the playing field between small players and traditional big banks and financial institutions.

Fintech application development runs on a foundation of data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, each of which has seen massive innovation and transformation in recent times.

Today, it covers a slew of products and services. Mobile banking apps, online wallets, financial literacy services, and digital currency are familiar examples.

According to Outlook, one out of every three people avails at least one of these applications on a daily basis. Because of its disruptive innovation and explosive growth, Fintech has become a coveted industry for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds from engineering to marketing.

In this article, we will take a look at the foundations and applications of fintech specialization. We will also cover the basics of a career in fintech and what the best fintech courses in India entail.

A look at Fintech applications

Research says that India has boomed into the fastest-growing ecosystem when it comes to fintech application development.

Some of the most common types of fintech applications here are:

Digital payments

Digital banking is a more convenient and cost-effective way of making transactions without using traditional methods. People are shifting over to mobile wallets instead of credit cards as we speak.

Investment and Wealth Management

Wealth Management and investment solutions allow people to keep track of their financial assets and manage their financial portfolio in a single application on their phones which can then be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Fintech has made applying for loans as simple as clicking a button on your phone. Money lending solutions have made credits transparent and accessible to the non-affordable population.


Online trading apps have made investing in the market, monitoring risks in real-time, and sharing knowledge simple and easy.


Insurance companies are also embracing digital solutions to provide a better customer experience without the need to go through tedious processes of filling out lengthy applications.

So, what is a fintech professional? They are people who hold a job in the core areas of fintech application development. Product managers, data scientists, cloud management, full-stack developers, UI/UX designers are some of the most common roles in which people are hired in this industry.

What you need to know about pursuing a career in Fintech

With the fintech industry growing at an unprecedented rate, the demand for talented fintech professionals is also expected to grow. If you display skillsets relevant to any of the above roles, then a career in fintech is a smart option.

However, companies expect a fundamental knowledge of the functional aspects of fintech in their candidates. Some of the areas where the demand for knowledge is likely to increase are:

  • Blockchain
  • Data Science
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Software and mobile application development
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • Cybersecurity

Many reputed schools are known for offering some of the best fintech courses in India. These courses are economical, flexible, and convenient and add to your repertoire of proficiencies needed to bag a high salaried opportunity in this sector. Most of these courses are designed for working professionals which means that they can be completed online, parallelly with a day job.


When you are looking to become a fintech professional an overall understanding of the core of fintech areas along with deep technical knowledge in at least one of them becomes crucial. To build a holistic knowledge base of the essentials of fintech, a Professional Certificate Course in Fintech is the one for you.

You could also build an aptitude for management positions in Fintech enterprises by enrolling in an MBA in Fintech degree.

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