A guide on career options after B. Com

career options after B.Com

Pursuing B.com can give you fulfilling high-income career options. Read on to discover how to be an investment banker or financial analyst after B.com.

career options after B.Com

Will pursuing B.com help you in this fast-paced world full of technical jobs? Yes. You can seek many opportunities right after completing a B.com degree. The range of career options available is immense. Even more interesting is the flexibility a B.com degree provides to shift from one related field to another. Also, the curriculum is vital in determining how fruitful a B.com degree will be. Therefore, always consider the topics your semester will cover before choosing a B.com program.

In the current scenario, let’s head to feasible career options after your B.com.

Career options after B.com

Let us learn about the top 5 industries available to B.com graduates and the respective career options after B.com that exist within each field.

1.      Finance

B.com stands for Bachelor of Commerce. Commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services. Linking it, the exchange of goods and services requires dealing in finance.

Pursuing a career in finance after B.com would mean you can apply for top finance-related career options like CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). All three options require core financing knowledge. Interestingly, you can prepare for Chartered Accountant exams alongside pursuing B.com.

2.      Accounting

Accounting is another sector open for B.com graduates. Accounting career options require managing and preparing financial statements, balance sheets, etc. Available career options in accounting include being an accountant, account executive, accounts manager, and other related jobs.

3.      Banking

B.com graduates also open doors to the banking sector. Like pursuing CA or CS, preparing for banking exams can be done alongside pursuing B.com. As a B.com graduate, you can sit for competitive banking exams like IBPS (Clerk and PO), SBI (clerk and PO), RBI grade B officer, LIC AAO, and others. You can also look to sit for other government competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, RRB NTPC, etc.

Furthermore, you can also become an investment banker. Being an investment banker will help you take up roles like trading analyst, equity research analyst, operations analyst, and more.

4.      Insurance

As a B.com graduate, you can also pursue an insurance career. You can then work in insurance companies and financial institutions looking after clients' insurance needs.

5.      Taxation

Taxation is another field B.com graduates can look up to. It is a field with a broad scope. If taxation fascinates you, you can become a tax consultant, tax specialist, tax manager, tax compliance manager, CA, actuary, stockbroker, financial analyst, financial risk analyst, etc.

You can also shift your focus from practical to theoretical work and become a lecturer. You can do further research on the topic, pursue a PhD and be a lecturer in a similar field.

Other career switch options

Pursuing B.com still keep the doors open to other job opportunities. Upskilling isn’t a road less travelled anymore. You can always switch careers after your B.com.

Here are easy career switches after B.com

1.      Digital marketer

If you are a B.com graduate and further pursue MBA in marketing, digital marketing isn’t a tough nut to crack. Moreover, it’s easy to learn about digital marketing through online courses. You can be an SEO expert, SEM expert, or social media marketer and help businesses scale up online through your knowledge.

2.      Scriptwriter/copywriter

If you have a zeal for writing, you can shift to script writing, storytelling, and copywriting that write for brands. Your task would be to create scripts for advertisements or their website. In addition, you can use your creative skills to help businesses build their online presence.

3.      Website developer

You can also learn coding through online courses and try your hand at website development. If you have a good command of maths and are confident enough to grasp programming knowledge, there are many more options in app development, cloud computing, and more.

4.      Graphic designer

If you are passionate about designing, you can switch to graphic designing, website designing, illustrating, and more.

Get into the right roles after B.com.

As a B.Com graduate, choosing the right career path can lead you to top management positions, such as that of a financial analyst. However, completing your B.com from the right college makes all the difference. IMARTICUS Learning, in association with Rathinam College of Arts and Science, has developed a curated B.com program that will give you a competitive edge over other B.Com graduates.

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