A foolproof guide to getting your ethical hacking certification: Course, career and tips

A foolproof guide to getting your ethical hacking certification: Course, career and tips

The word "Hacked" has negative connotations in general terms. The first and foremost thought comes when we hear this word; thoughts like cyber terrorism, phishing, scams, etc., come into our mind. Usually, people have no clue about the form of hacking. It is called Ethical Hacking. The job description is almost the same as a hacker. But it is completely legal. In simple terms, both hack the systems. But ethical hackers aim to discover the loopholes in the existing cybersecurity measures of the networks. Whereas hackers hack for illegal activities. If you are a code nerd and your second language is Java and Python, this is for you! Check out some ethical hacking courses to make a sound decision. The life of an ethical hacker is exciting and adventurous.

As an ethical hacker, your job is to secure the existing technological systems. Every company is investing a major chunk of their budgets into technologies. It helps them grow and expand more. But this puts them in a vulnerable position. With the increase of Big Data, private information, etc., securing data is a headache. There has been a rise in cyber crimes by 6% in 2021 in India.

So, upgrading cybersecurity is now a need. Every company needs to watch their back for phishing, scams and information leaks. Thus, organisations hire ethical hackers full-time or freelance to regularly secure and upgrade their existing systems. So, ethical hacking is an integral component of the tech stack. All you need is the right course and mentorship to start a career as an ethical hacker.

Here is all you need to know about ethical hacking certification:

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hackers are the new "Knights in coding armour." They are experts in hacking different types of systems.

Simply put, ethical hacking plays a critical role in IT security. They help maintain a strong level of security in business operations.

Building a career as an Ethical Hacker

The primary role of an ethical hacker is to identify and rectify possible loopholes in the system. They are responsible for anticipating future data breaches. Also, they hack your system after giving prior knowledge to discover ways a hacker can hack illegally. They find out vulnerable points. They work as independent consultants or in full-time roles. Ethical hackers must stay updated with the latest cyber tools and techniques. It helps with developing possible solutions.

The demand for ethical hackers has increased. Everybody wants to ensure data security. Almost all industries have private and sensitive information. So, data security is a priority. Ethical Hackers need a lot of skills. Some examples are threat modelling, security assessment, vulnerability threat assessment, report writing, etc. These are in addition to hacking skills.

Ethical Hacking Certification Course

Ethical hacking is usually part of the PG program in cybersecurity. You can even get a module in online cybersecurity training. You learn cyber security, along with ethical hacking. This is a crucial component of the CS course. Specialised ethical hacking certification courses are available in the market. But it is better to opt for a cyber security PG program. You get a better grasp of the subject.

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The Postgraduate Program In Cybersecurity from Imarticus Learning offers an all-around course. This is for you if you want to start a career as an ethical hacker. The course comes with placement assurance too. It is an industry-approved course. Get mentored by industry leaders. This six-month program helps you build a successful cybersecurity career.

Tips to become an ethical hacker

First, you must grasp systems, frameworks and processes well. That's the key to becoming an ethical hacker. Here are some tips to help you become an ethical hacker:

Understand the tools

Understand the functioning and roles of tools to handle cybersecurity issues. Some tools are network monitoring tools, malware detection tools, etc. Various tools are available for functions like security scanning, network investigation, vulnerability assessment, etc. Study how you can use each tool effectively.

Career progression

Have a clear idea of the career options of an ethical hacker. For instance, you may move from cybersecurity analyst to head of information security. So, you need to invest continuously to upskill yourself. Upskilling is the key to progress in this field. Stay updated with recent tools and regulations.

Understand programming languages and OS

To become an effective ethical hacker, you must properly understand programming languages like C and the open-source operating system LINUX/UNIX. The idea is to learn more than one programming language and operating system to robustly understand various industry working models.

Be anonymous

Ethical hackers need to maintain their anonymity. By retaining an anonymous profile online, you would be better placed to ensure that no one can trace the tracks to you, which reduces the risk of system hacking.

Understand Networking Concepts

A good ethical hacker must have a clear understanding of networking details. You can manage operating systems effectively.


There are more skills and topics that you need to cover than above. You need to study vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, SQL injections, etc. And ethical hacking is a promising field. It's going to evolve, which offers promising career opportunities. Only a good certification course can help you hone these skills.

Learn more about the PG In Cybersecurity from Imarticus Learning here. You can also contact us via chat support on our website or visit any of our centres in cities like Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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