8 principles of blockchain development every software engineer must know

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The blockchain industry is booming these days. With new developments and designs evolving every day, the market is on an upward rise for some time. Although every company or engineer deals with the developments and designs on their methods, there are a few basic principles everyone has to follow. This is why people looking into a career in blockchain development should check out software engineering certification courses to upgrade their skills. 

There are a lot of institutes in India that provide courses with the best certifications for software engineers. Imarticus Learning, with its online software development course, ranks at one of the top positions in the list. Here, we are going to discuss the 8 principles of blockchain development that software engineers must be aware of. Take a look at the whole article to learn more.

Open-source solutions of innovative ideas

One of the first things you need to do is to look for open-source contributors. This way you can benefit from a diverse community and the highest quality of code. You will also get the benefit of being in an open governance model which incidentally works under other free licensing models. 

Private blockchain system to establish enterprise privacy

Although public blockchains do have their beneficial features, they are not fit for enterprises. Here, you need to maintain the core principles of an enterprise. As public blockchains do not come with any regulatory body, the privacy concerns of enterprises might be impacted. With a private blockchain system, you can address privacy needs and maintain a regulatory body. 

Transparent regulatory system

You need to make the regulatory system as transparent as possible. To make sure that no concentration point is established, you can select a few points of anchors to validate transactions running nodes. Make sure you choose the right funding method for your governance model.

Common or popular standards for designs

As blockchain is mostly a non-regulated system that is still developing, there are no stable standards to go to. However, in the future, there will surely be a collective network model. As such, different technologies will benefit from interacting with each other. For that, it will be in your best interest to build a system based on the common or popular standards that helps maintain this interoperability. 

Prioritize security

Security is the main reason why companies are turning to the blockchain system these days. As such, this should be your main concern. A distributed governance system and user awareness work best in these cases. 

Provide them with enough exposure

As the blockchain system is still relatively new in the enterprise market, a lot of people lack enough knowledge about it. The first thing you need to consider while building a system for your clients is to educate them about it. It will not only make them feel included but will also be a great marketing strategy for you.

Be consistent

User experience is the key point in your reputation in the market. For this, you will have to make sure to be consistent with your output and roll out systems that are always high quality. It will maintain security and customer satisfaction and so, bring about new customers.

Communicate with the clients

As we mentioned before, customer satisfaction is the key aspect of any business. For that, you have to be sure to keep listening to your client's needs and demands to design it in a way that can at once be ready for a wide range of customers. Keep them updated with each stage of development and take constant feedback for a better output.


Software engineering certification courses will be a great help to move your career forward in the direction you want. Check out Imarticus Learning's software engineering certification course and give your career the boost it needs.

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