7 important things to consider before choosing the right executive program in investment management

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Executive Programs in Investment Management deliver a spectrum of opportunities in various domains such as financial management, investment, legal procedures, and estate planning. These programs are mostly tailored to the requirements proposed by investors or organizations, looking for immediate responses. Effective investment management can be considered one of the most important courses in the field of wealth management.

Financial decisions are something that everybody has to take in the present times, which is the main reason why business schools are opening such programs to meet up the demands. Imarticus Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets will provide you with the best classes that are taken by renowned professors of IIM Calcutta. 

Along with financial accounting skills, this course can provide you with the required technical skills and practical knowledge. It also supports an industrial curriculum framework, clearing out all your doubts and bringing about magnificent job offers such as the Capstone Project. 

However, before enrolling in the program, there must a few important things that must be considered in order to be a part of this field. 

7 Important Things Necessary before Selecting an Executive Program in Investment Management:

These tips can offer you a plethora of opportunities in the scope of investment management.


  • Focus on Engaged Learning: Engaged learning can be regarded as an educational strategy where objectives are mostly understood by being a part of working projects. If you are passionate about investment management, a proper course must be selected to enhance your understanding. It is important to focus on case studies, live instances from financial sources, and corporate finance events. 
  • Be Honest about Time Limits: It is necessary to maintain a routine for yourself if you want to engage yourself in a side online course. A short training course must be ideal in order to gain such strong skills in a limited amount of time instead of full-time courses. Imarticus Executive Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets takes place over the duration of 1 year.
  • Checking of Curriculum Details: The range of topics and modules must be important to be noticed as it should be understood which areas you are going to be taught. Foundational modules such as financial analysis, management, and economics can be considered good a starter. Topics such as Equity Capital Market and Securities Market Research should be regarded as vital in the advanced sections.
  • Peer Learning and Networking: Creating new ties and acquaintances is a salient feature if you want to be a part of investment management. Building relations with major industrial leaders can bring about a prosperous journey ahead. However, it can be understood if such rapports are not established at the beginning level. This is why enrolling in a course is important as it can gain you connections and networks. 
  • Gaining certificates: There are various courses that will offer you a certificate. However, it is important to realize which certification would be beneficial for your future goals. Linkage with popular institutions such as IIMs can bring about a prestigious CV.
  • Focusing on Eligibilities:  The eligibility criterion of a course would prove how it is beneficial for your future relevance. Two years of work experience along with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation/post-graduation is considered to be ideal for courses.
  • Analysis of options: The final step must be to evaluate all the options that you have selected. Only a handful would turn out to be the ideal one out of all these alternatives. Draw out a logical comparison and settle for the best interdisciplinary course. Keep in mind that the online course should turn out as the most advanced and essential for your future decisions.



If you are searching for a flexible online course, do consider the aforementioned points. This can not only help you to offer you a proper course but also a successful career path as a professional. 

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