5 ways an executive program in investment management can train you for leadership roles

best IIM Calcutta executive program in investment banking and capital markets

Investment management refers to strategically handling financial assets and other investments. The strategies can be long-term as well as short-term and can include budgeting, buying, and selling investment trusts or shares or bonds, tax, etc. Executive programs in investment management provide financial advice on a range of corporate and investment matters. 

Investment management programs are extensively planned and executed in a way that the individual is prepared for various leadership and managerial roles. Thus, attending an executive program in investment management prepares you for the following leadership roles:

Communication skills - For leaders, it is crucial to convey information and instructions about tasks, missions, values, instructions, etc. It is also important for the leader to be able to keep the team motivated and engrossed.

Time management skills - Time management is a pivotal skill to be able to succeed in any sphere of work. For a team to complete an assignment, it is important for the leader to be able to drive the team to complete the project on time.

 Team working skills - A leader drives the team forward and binds the team. For this purpose, it is necessary that a leader has team working skills.

Analytical and problem-solving skills - For any problem or issue that the team faces, the leader needs to analyze and resolve the issue without the conflict affecting the team productivity.

Trustworthiness - A leader needs to be trusted by the team members for them to obey his/her instructions. For this, the leader’s words and actions should create a sense of reliability amongst the members. 

5 ways an executive investment management program helps in leadership roles - 

Fields such as investment management are not very traditional and have come into the limelight only very recently. Executive programs in such a field prepare the individuals to take up initiative in the field. Taking initiative is an important and foremost leadership skill.

To make good investments, one’s analytical skills need to be upskilled. Along with that comes the ability to be able to calculate and decide where to invest and where not to, which requires good decision-making capability.

The investment manager needs to provide guidance to various private as well as corporate clients on various financial and investment matters. Thus, such executive programs focus on upgrading the communication skills of the individual.

Traditionally people lacked awareness about financial knowledge and investing. Such programs are designed to bring general awareness to people and also make them capable of finding reliable places to invest in. This opens up curiosity for learning a new skill and increases the horizons of one’s thinking capability.

In this era, investment has become more of an online affair and thus, technical knowledge is an integral skill for investment management now. Upgrading technical skills is a basic leadership quality that any leader should possess. Various institutes offer courses like the IIM Calcutta Capital Market certification course that provide training to cultivate similar skills required by a smart investment manager.

best investment banking and capital markets course by IIM, CalcuttaWhy will an Investment manager possess good leadership skills?

A wide number of common skills are possessed by an investment manager and a good leader. Programs that provide training in managerial roles such as investment management workshops, IIM Calcutta investment banking, and capital market certification, etc. also prepare the candidate for various leadership roles. This is because it takes to be a good leader to be a good manager.


In this era of globalization, the scope for career opportunities in fields such as investment management is huge. With increasing market opportunities and awareness amongst people, demand for good Investment managers is growing over time. Imarticus Learning is providing various investment management online courses to help young professionals to enter this prospering field. 

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