6 fundamental rules to discover the leader in you

leadership training programs

6 fundamental rules to discover the leader in you

Are leaders born or made?

"The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity. Out of discord, harmony, and out of difficulty, opportunity." - Albert Einstein. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi led their nation's independence movements. Elon Musk leads multiple teams in building a future that includes self-driving electric cars, reusable rockets, and human habitat on Mars! History is replete with people who came out of nowhere and nurtured traits over time to inspire and influence people into action on a common cause. They made great leaders!

leadership training programsHave you discovered the leader in you? If not, get ready to bite the six fundamental rules from our courses to develop leadership skills.

Why - review the state of the industry?

Since the 18th century, the state of the industry has evolved gradually from:

  • Mechanization
  • Mass production
  • Computerization
  • The internet of things and artificial intelligence

Comparatively, the 21st-century changes have been force multipliers of digital business, substantiated by Gartner in its latest technology trends of 2022.

How - has this affected the organizations?

Until the 20th century, conventional leadership was hierarchical, formal, planned strategies, motivated people to execute, intervened to alter direction, exercised control, and ensured conformance to rules.

Unlike before, the rapid and disruptive 21st century has made organization structures flatter, relatively informal, adaptive to experimentation, and building resilience to overcome sudden changes. The pandemic severely tested organizations. The fittest survived!

The rules of leadership have dramatically changed in the 21st century. To help you discover the leader in you, we bring you six fundamental rules included in our corporate leadership training programs. They are:

I) Empathy - Values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

HBR reported a whopping 658% increase since 2018 in chief executives of over 500 organizations talking about equity, fairness, and inclusion in their workplace. Unlike autocratic styles of leaders who are hard focused purely on the business performance metrics, the overwhelming rule number one to discover the leader in you is empathy. It requires one to have a genuine concern for people's problems and the intent to resolve them. It is a factor of emotional intelligence, also called the "we" leader's mindset of building bridges within and across teams. Understand first, then be understood, since together is always better.

II) Curiosity - 'Sharpen the saw', growth mindset

Are you an ever-curious person who instinctively:

  • thinks about challenges as opportunities to find new solutions rather than a hurdle? 
  • feels excited to invest in learning and upskilling continually by enrolling himself and team members in corporate leadership development programs across dynamic functions such as marketing, finance, technology, and analytics?

Curiosity thus becomes an essential rule for modern-day leaders.

III) Flexibility - On work schedules, locations, and career gaps

Forbes reported that a recent study highlighted that 94% of employees wished for flexibility to work from anywhere, and 96% would look for it in any new job. Hanging on to traditional rigidity can be disastrous for employee retention in an era of significant attrition. Think win-win.

Flexibility towards employees is a must-have rule for the leader in you. 

IV) Adaptability - To rapid changes happening around us

Automation disrupted traditional job roles. The pandemic further disrupted industries. Rapid changes are now constant. We have always known Darwin's theory of evolution professed adaptation to the environment and survival of the fittest organisms. The rule of adaptability is now equally applicable to leaders of the 21st century. Keeping the end goal in mind makes it easier to adapt.

V) Resilience - Being at it through thick and thin

To cope with frequent changes can be challenging since we naturally aspire for stability and security. The rules of resilience - being patient and persistent, managing risk, and not giving up are insights to look for to find the leader in you. 

VI) Digitalisation - of workplace and skills

Automation and technology have permeated all business functions. The digitalization of the workplace and skills is an essential way of life across supply chain transactions, communication, collaboration, and competitiveness. Digitalization is a new-age rule for the leader in you. 

Why choose us?

leadership training programsAt Imarticus Learning, we know that 84% of organizations will fail due to a lack of the right skills. We ensure that our learning solutions are carefully crafted for enterprises, teams, and leaders to be future-ready.

We specialize in banking and finance, technology, analytics, and life skills with consistently high ratings (4.5 to 4.8 out of 5) across all domains.


The six fundamental skills to discover the leader in you is an opportunity calling you to embrace and be ready to be a leader of choice in the 21st century.

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