5 Tips to Writing an MBA Statement of Purpose: Format, Structure & Samples

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Acquiring a Master of Business Administration (be it an online MBA course or offline), can help people advance in their careers, receive more pay, and receive job promotions. A regular MBA, as well as a distance MBA, can provide the skills and information required to launch a new firm, and many organizations require an MBA for certain managerial or leadership roles.

Accounting, statistics, economics, communications, management, and entrepreneurship are among the topics included in MBA training. MBA programs not only equip students to work for financial institutions, but also for managerial positions or as start-up company founders.

Here are 5 tips for your SOP which will help you outperform others and secure a position in a good MBA institute:

An SOP, or Statement of Purpose, is essentially a paper that explains to the university why you are applying to that specific program at that university. It also demonstrates whether you have what it takes to pursue a course at that particular university.

Tip 1: You must realize that the statement of purpose works as a vehicle for conveying your attitude, personality, and character. Here are a few points that you must include:

  • You are a bright student who can handle the academic demands of a graduate degree.
  • That you are academically and personally prepared, and willing to learn new things.
  • You are really enthusiastic about the field of study you have selected.
  • Your capability of overcoming the difficulties of studying at graduate school.
  • Your capability of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with teachers and fellow graduate students.

Tip 2: The format of your  MBA SoP format should be crisp, with vital messages distributed among logical paragraphs.

You must address the following questions and maintain this format:

What is your educational background?

What achievements have you made in your working life?

What are your professional objectives?

Why pursue an MBA? Why do you feel the need to pursue higher education?

Why do you believe our university is the ideal place for you to attain your goals?

Tip 3: It is often seen that the exact word count you need to hit is not always specified by the university. In such a case it is ideal to keep it within 1000 words and not include unnecessary things and make it boring and lengthy.

Tip 4:  While writing your SoP you need to be careful about being accurate about what you say. You need to conduct a good amount of research before starting anything. Whatever you write must be substantiated by case studies, statistics, or real-life examples. Also, remember to break your essay into paragraphs so that it is easier to read and comprehend.

Tip 5: Don't restate everything on your resume. The admissions committee has already reviewed it, so there is no need for you to go over it again. Add something new to your SoP.


Whether you are pursuing a full-time MBA degree or a distance MBA degree, you must remember that this degree will shape your career, so make sure you give it your best shot.

MBA online coursesIn case you have other commitments and financial problems you can always take up an online MBA course. There are quite a few online programs that may help you get your dream job while balancing your work life and other responsibilities.


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