4 Reasons Game-Based Learning Is Better Than Traditional Learning

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Synopsis: Game-based learning is the process of learning based on something more stimulating than pages, such as games, and has many benefits, as discussed below.

We live in a stimulant-centric and visually-driven world. The impact made by pages and newspapers has somewhat diminished. However, there is an alternative: game-based learning or gamification for e-learning.

What does gamification for e-learning entail?

  • Adding game-like aspects such as scoreboards, point systems, varying stages, and credential prizes to a non-game setting is known as "gamification".
  • Gamification aims to make learning more attractive by allowing professionals to enjoy themselves.
  • Through gamification for e-learning, people are attracted to the concept of a visual and stimulating game.
  • Learning is a direct result of this.

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For example, a child may learn different kinds of shapes from a picture book. The same process will take less time and be more impactful when they learn shapes through a game of fitting shapes in a mould. The same is true for those employed in the corporate world.

There are several ways game-based learning is teaching today's young professionals in a more efficient and fun manner. Game-based learning is an easy and effective way to instil many learning techniques. Gamification for e-learning has many pros, as discussed below.

1. Increases One's Memory Capacity

  • Unlike books or ppts, games are often designed to use memory as a skill.
  • When one is indulged in game-based learning, memory is tested on several layers and levels.
  • Several aspects of a game may require one to remember certain characteristics of the same game or the thing it aims to teach to achieve its goals.
  • Through this method, professionals can improve and enhance their memory.
  • Remembering information that may be useful or recurring comes as an instinct.

2. Creativity and innovation

  • Game-based learningis often focused on developing a person's creativity.
  • Game-based learning is designed to encourage thinking outside the box.
  • It thus instils a sense of non-conventional thinking in professionals.
  • Innovation and creative thinking are among an individual's most basic and primal capabilities.
  • Therefore, it is extremely important to inculcate this way of thinking, and game-based learningis an extremely efficient manner to do so.

3. Quick Tactical Planning And Problem-Solving Skills

  • Most game-based learning activities demand rapid thinking to be completed.
  • In resolving these challenges and passing courses, players must also use reasoning and think ahead.
  • Thinking ahead and reason-based planning are some major advantages of game-based learning over traditional learning.
  • This aids individuals by helping them develop skills to problem-solve quickly and creatively.

4. Understanding Via Doing

  • Once students leave college, they are obligated to put their newfound learning to use.
  • There is no way to be certain if students fully understand the concept and will be capable of putting it in the future. However, with game-based learning, students only follow along and pick up knowledge as they have fun. In the context of the game world, they are using new ideas.

Why Choose Imarticus Learning

Game-based learning or gamification for e-learning is a useful and effective way for professionals to learn and develop new skills. By adding game-like elements to a learning setting, individuals can improve their memory, enhance their creative and problem-solving abilities, and better understand concepts through practical application. Imarticus Learning offers courses that utilize gamification for e-learning to help professionals learn in a fun and engaging way. By participating in these courses, individuals can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can aid their personal and professional development.

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