5 Cyber Security Career Paths in 2023

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In the past few years, cyber security as a career path has increased in value in leaps and bounds. As the world’s dependence on the internet increases, it is now more crucial than ever for conglomerates to ensure their online safety. This has resulted in huge demand for cyber security professionals across all industries leading to great job opportunities in the field. In 2023, you can have a bright career in cyber security

But what is the perfect career path for you?

cybersecurity courses

There are many options for a career in ethical hacking and cybersecurity. It can be confusing for students to decide on a career. Depending on your interests and skills, you can choose from any of the following career paths that are going to be impactful in 2023 and beyond. 

5 best cyber security careers to look out for in 2023 

Cyber security has been a well-paid and sought-after job for a few years. There has been no greater time to become a cyber security professional than now. 

Security Architect 

The main job of a Security Architect is to keep an organisation safe from any digital threats. They have to create and update strategies and manage security projects for the company. They are also responsible for analysing all threats and ensuring the security system is up-to-date. 

To become a Security Architect, besides cloud security and software skills, you will also need experience. As it’s a high-ranking job, you can start with an entry-level cyber security job like IT Auditor or Cyber Security Analyst. You can also improve your chances by getting a cyber security certification. A professional certification can land you a high-paying job in leading companies. The average base salary of a Security Architect in India is about ₹21,99,761 per annum

Malware Analyst 

The position of a Malware Analyst is gaining more popularity in the cyber security domain. Malware Analysts are mostly responsible for examining an incident after a digital threat has already occurred. They analyse and examine the nature of these various threats and develop tools that will protect the company data from similar threats in the future. 

Apart from a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Cyber Security, you will also need some background as a developer or programmer to become a Malware Analyst. Getting a professional certification and garnering experience will also boost your chances of landing a high-paying job. The average base pay for a Malware Analyst in India is about ₹6,00,000 per annum

Cloud Security Specialist 

With the growing dependence on cloud-based operations, it is no wonder that Cloud Security Specialists are in demand right now. As the name suggests, their job mainly entails ensuring that cloud server data are safe. This is done by implementing safeguards and observing any intrusions in the networks. 

Besides a bachelor’s degree in a related field and experience as a cloud security professional, an AWS security specialist course can also help you bag a stellar job in the domain. The average base salary of a Cloud Security Specialist in India is about ₹18,50,000 per annum

Computer Forensics Analyst 

One of the most exciting cyber security jobs is that of a Computer Forensics Analyst. They are tasked to accumulate and analyse all data related to illegal online activity and cyber attacks. They also offer digital assistance during crime investigations. 

It is not easy to become a Computer Forensics Analyst as not only do they need technical knowledge of their field but also have a fairly broad knowledge of the law. After completing your bachelor’s degree in a related field, you can start as a beginner-level cybersecurity professional. A related course, such as the CCE and the CFCE, can help you. The average base salary of a Computer Forensics Analyst in India is about ₹7,00,000 per annum

Cyber Security Engineer 

A Cyber Security Engineer's main job is to ensure that all the systems, data, and networks within an organisation are working perfectly. They do this by designing and maintaining security measures and systems throughout the organisation and running penetration tests to ensure their safety. 

A basic bachelor’s degree in a related field and some experience can land you a job as a Cyber Security Engineer in a few years. You can also enhance your chances by completing an ethical hacking certification course. The average base pay of a Cyber Security Engineer in India is about ₹6,88,534 per annum


The future of cyber security is bright, with several opportunities available even for beginners in this field. Becoming a high-paying professional takes little time as compared to other fields. 

If you want to make a mark in the field of cyber security, the Imarticus and IIT Roorkee Advanced Certification Programme in Cyber Security can help you realise your dream. With the help of live online training and an industry-related curriculum, this course will make you a master of cyber security in 6 months. 

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