5 critical capabilities for financial services and capital markets courses

Capital Market

Upgrading your skill set all the time is a tough task for a professional. With IIM Lucknow Finance courses, you can swiftly boost your career in the financial market. Imarticus Learning, in partnership with IIM Lucknow, presents the Advanced Management Program for finance professionals. It offers several benefits like peer networking (campus), alumni status of IIM Lucknow, and capstone projects. Also, you get to study an industry-approved curriculum.

Keep reading to learn more about the Advanced Management Program in Financial Services. Understand the benefits of this extensive program.

Why is a Financial Services and Capital Markets Course valuable?

Capital Market Course

The capital market field is constantly growing. You need to keep up with the changes. A positive attitude is important for learning new skills. Also, you need to have an inherent curiosity-dominated approach. Financial services and capital markets offer highly lucrative job roles. But, a degree and some years of experience won't work to secure a financially rewarding position in the industry. You need to up your game. You need to show your commitment towards learning. An advanced management program degree helps you get that. It will help you land a high-paying job in a company of any size.

Benefits of a Financial Services and Capital Markets Course

According to statistics, the average salary of a finance professional in India is Rs. 750,000 per annum. Almost every company worldwide offers financial jobs for professionals with the desired profiles. However, to get an edge over your peers, you must have an additional certification to prove your knowledge.

Do you wonder about the benefits of a Financial Services and Capital Markets course?

We have listed its five critical capabilities below.

Better job opportunities: Finance jobs are among the top-paying jobs compared to other professions. Today, most of the jobs in the finance sector have moved to the 'Work From Home' mode of operation. Such jobs allow you to work at a convenient location, whether at home or elsewhere. Finding fresh and rewarding opportunities in the finance sector is easy with an advanced degree in management.

Helps in a career change: If you've worked in the banking sector and fancy a career change, an advanced management degree can help you with it. With this certification, you can break into the world of finance and land a high-paying job with no hassle.

Varied job roles: As a person with Advanced Management Program in Financial Services certification, you can apply for diverse job roles. These can change as per your fields of interest. Some professions include financial planners, portfolio managers, securities traders, financial analysts, economic analysts, and quantitative analysts.

Collaboration with IIM Lucknow: Imarticus Learning presents this certification in collaboration with IIM Lucknow. This allows you to experience the networking and pedagogy of one of the oldest IIMs in India. The globally accredited reputation of this institute will swiftly help you in landing jobs across the world. You will also get the exclusive alumni status of IIM Lucknow, which will help you network with other alumnae of the institute and build professional relationships. For 36 hours, you can also attend on-campus classes at the institute.

Exhaustive curriculum: IIM Lucknow has exclusively created this program in partnership with Imarticus Learning. It offers the unique opportunity of participating in the world's only Advanced Management Programs in Financial Services and Capital Markets. Through this course, professionals will get an edge over their peers by understanding the core of the financial industry and the latest elements, including Fintech and Digital Banking. At the end of the course, you will work on exciting case studies that could be the highlight of your professional resume.

What are the eligibility criteria for an Advanced Management Program in Financial Services & Capital Markets?

The Financial Services and Capital Markets Course is a value addition for professionals. This is more valuable for those already working in the finance industry. Thus, to be a part of this exclusive program, you must have at least 2 years of working experience. You must also possess a graduation certificate from a recognised institute or university. In some cases, people holding a Diploma with valid years of work experience are also eligible to apply.

In short, the eligibility criteria are listed below.

Minimum 2 years of working experience

Graduate degree or Diploma with desired work experience

Imarticus Learning allows you to work at globally reputed companies. The list includes Deloitte, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered, and HSBC. You can contact the experts directly from the website through call or chat support. Or visit the centres to know more.

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