12 Powerful Habits To Master For Success in Corporate Training Programs

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12 Powerful Habits To Master For Success in Corporate Training Programs

Did you know that habits can significantly affect the outcome of corporate learning programs? Excellent news for heads of human resources who drive the learning and development initiatives.

All they need to do is share a dozen of them with their employees to master and witness their success in corporate training programs for employees.

1. Be committed to learning

Given the stress and deadlines at work, committed employees can perceive training as some timeout from the daily rigours. However, training is an opportunity, an experience that will enhance productivity, improve performance and reduce stress. Be committed to it.

2. Have a disciplined approach

Most employees develop the habit of self-discipline as a part of workplace discipline in organisations. Rising early by avoiding late nights can help you gather fresh air, respond to priority emails/phone calls, catch up with colleagues over breakfast, and be punctual for the training sessions. Discipline has many advantages!

3. Be goal-oriented

The habit of being purposeful about the end goal of the training program is vital. The organisation and trainers put in a lot of thought, effort, and time to simplify the training objectives and make them achievable. However, they are certainly gaps that the training is attempting to bridge. Being goal-oriented helps achieve the intended outcome meaningfully.

4. Be Proactive

Being intentional and proactive without going overboard is a habit that draws you into action and simultaneously makes the trainers feel wanted and valued. The synergy of such give and take makes the training sessions lively for all, making them much more effective.

5. Focus on the program

The presence of the mind is a habit that enables people to focus on the present and not get distracted. Losing focus may lead to missing out on vital learning from various topics and associated individual and group activities that can be progressively interrelated.

6. Listen intently

Don't disrupt an exciting conversation simply because of an impatient urge to draw attention. Instead, always listen intently to everyone with an open mind and then thoughtfully express yourself politely and constructively.

7. Take notes

Training sessions often provide a deck of material in the form of presentations, printed booklets and notes. While they are helpful, the habit of taking down personal notes helps deeper comprehension. Take notes to read, re-write, ask, share and refer to later.

8. Be creative and experiential

Training programs usually have a structure. However, the habit of being creative and experimenting can add an unexpected and valuable flavour. For example, if the session is about enhancing the skill of critical thinking, mention how you sharpened this skill in your childhood by breaking and reassembling toys!

9. Be unafraid

Be unafraid and courageous to genuinely question concepts you find difficult to digest or express a divergent point of view. At worst, you may be wrong and be corrected, which is good.

Welcome it!

  1. Actively network

The diversity of participants in training sessions is a unique opportunity to network and connect actively. Growing your network is beneficial in the long run.

11. Give and share

The habit of giving and sharing is a beautiful way to build relationships with people to who you can reach out in times of need. They will often remember and be happy to give back more than they got from you.

12. Follow-up

The follow-up habit helps keep the communication window open with the trainers and other participants. You can follow up to express gratitude, share examples of how the training benefitted you or the organisation, provide a testimonial or seek guidance.


Irrespective of the quality and conduct of the corporate training programs for employees, extracting maximum value from it depends on the participants. Therefore, the 12 habits articulated above are potent means to master and enrich the outcome of the corporate training programs for employees.

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