7 Changes That'll Make A Big Difference With Your Corporate Training Programs

7 Changes That'll Make A Big Difference With Your Corporate Training Programs

"We invested a lot in training, but the program hasn't shown quality returns" is a murmur often heard in corporate corridors. As a top executive, are you unable to improve organisation performance through training? Is this the challenge for your head of human resources too?

1. Value training expertise and industry endorsements

Programs designed and delivered by trainers having industry expertise and training experience.

Programs that have received endorsements from a variety of industries

corporate training and development

For example, corporate sales training is not about looking good, speaking well, and getting away with false promises. Instead, it requires a wide variety of technical, cognitive, social, and physical skills that only experienced experts can be trusted to provide.

2. Analyse your unique upskilling requirements

Top-down skills requirements (demand) within an organisation can be mapped with the skills and competencies of resources (supply) bottoms-up. All it takes to achieve this is perhaps an hour spend with each team and resources. However, the big difference it brings out is the skills gap and unique upskilling/reskilling requirements that the corporate learning programs have to fulfill. A small effort in analysing this saves the organisation significant time, money, and effort, not to mention the lack of returns due to wrong training investments.

3. Fine-tune with customisation for your needs

Generic training is easy to get but not entirely adequate, even if it is high quality. It takes a little effort to fine-tune and customise it for your organisation's needs. Experts from Imarticus learning can aid and facilitate this easily.

4. Align training delivery with organisation goals

Once the training needs and fulfillment framework takes shape, its rollout must be aligned with the organisation's priorities and goals. A schedule aligned and timed to cause the least disruption to core business priorities is easy to time but often ignored. However, a little thought and effort in achieving this coupled with an allowance to accommodate change can work wonders.

5. Deploy practical, engaging, experiential learning

The best practical formats of corporate training and development programs are the ones that make these experiences engaging through experiential learning. Merely adding activities without purpose can momentarily engage people but will not deliver practical outcomes. What matters is that the corporate learning programs have a well-thought methodology of actions with measurable results.

6. Facilitate continual on-demand learning access

The 24/7 availability of training resources makes it accessible for employees flexibly and conveniently. It aids continual learning and gradual upskilling that is qualitatively better than that achieved through one-time training.

Therefore, the training resources must be tech-enabled with virtual labs, smart classrooms, recorded videos, and curated content available through learning management systems (LMS).

  1. Track outcomes that benefit business and people

Individual and collective training and upskilling/reskilling goals need to be tracked on objective and subjective parameters in the same LMS. Tracking outcomes determines the return on training investment.


The significant positive difference these seven little changes will achieve for the corporate training and development programs is quite evident. Collective benefits help the organisation deploy resources optimally. Differentiated individual benefits can be of value to others who may have missed out. When the skills gap across the organisation diminishes, it shows practically through motivated employees, positive progress on performance parameters, and overall improvement in organisation competitiveness and growth

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