10 Must-Know Topics To Prepare For A Financial Analyst Interview

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10 Must-Know Topics To Prepare For A Financial Analyst Interview

When preparing for a job interview as a financial analyst, you will get asked to talk about your resume and past experience. However, don't underestimate the importance of learning about these topics that an interviewer expects you to discuss. If aspiring to be a financial analyst, you should know finance basics. 

The following topics will help prepare you for your interview:

Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis is one of the essential tools for financial analysis. Ratios measure and compare financial performance and a company's performance against its peers or historical data.

Financial modeling

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There's a lot to learn about financial modeling, and it cannot be very safe. However, learning the basics will give you an advantage in your interview and help you understand how the process works. 

Sector-specific expertise

The majority of brokerages and KPOs have analysts specifically assigned to each sector. So, if the interview is for a Financial Analyst position in a specific industry, you can anticipate industry-specific questions.

Knowledge of valuation technique

Discounted cash flow is a financial technique that determines the value of a company by looking at its future profits after taxes and expenses. A discount rate applies to these projected future earnings, and this number determines how much money you get when you buy or sell an asset in the present.

Cash flow analysis

Cash flow analysis is a method of forecasting and analyzing cash flows. It involves projecting future revenue, expenses, and profitability based on historical data. 

Impact of changes in current assets

This section covers how to calculate the impact of changes in current assets on the financial statements. When calculating this, think about how much cash is available for each category and what percentage that cash represents of your total current assets.

Conceptual clarity on DCF, FCF

The penultimate valuation stages are discounted cash flow (DCF) and free cash flow (FCF), and a financial analyst must understand them completely. You must understand the distinction between Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow.

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis.

In this section, you'll learn how to analyze a business by looking at its costs, volumes, and profits. This is important because it can help you make better decisions about allocating your time and resources to increase revenue. The first question when considering a new product or service is whether or not it should get developed. 

Working Capital Management.

It involves managing inventory and receivables, as well as managing the funds received by your company from customers. This makes it an essential part of running any business.

Impact of currency depreciation on sectors

Currency depreciation is a decrease in the value of a country's currency relative to other currencies. Several factors: can cause it

  • Decline in demand for exports as prices rise.
  • Increase in supply of imports, which results in greater competition among suppliers and lower prices for consumers.

The primary advice is to practice as much as possible to get quick and effective answers when the interviewer asks you these questions.

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