10 Future Trends In Game-Based Onboarding

Gamified Onboarding Program

Organisations have realized that new employees need to be onboarded seamlessly for the success and satisfaction of both parties. It involves introducing them to the culture, values, and expectations of the company. It also includes providing the necessary knowledge and skills to excel.

In recent years, game-based onboarding trends have gained traction. It is a big change from the traditional onboarding process. This is an innovative approach to make the onboarding experience more engaging, interactive, and impactful.

10 Future Trends In Game-Based Onboarding

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Game-based onboarding is gaining popularity by the day. Here are the 10 future trends in game-based onboarding:

Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

Game on! Immersive VR experiences are changing the game in onboarding. With VR technology, new employees can virtually experience their work environment.

They can also interact with colleagues, and tackle tasks. It's like stepping into a virtual world where they learn by doing. This lifelike experience boosts engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development during onboarding.

Gamified Assessments and Simulations

Get ready for some fun! Gamified assessments and simulations are revolutionising how organisations evaluate candidates during onboarding.

Instead of boring assessments, gamification spices things up. Simulations provide realistic job previews. They also allow candidates to show off their skills in a simulated work environment.

Mobile-First Onboarding

Say hello to mobile-first onboarding. With smartphones everywhere, organisations are going mobile.

Onboarding content and activities are delivered in bite-sized portions, accessible anytime, anywhere. New employees can conveniently engage with onboarding materials on their mobile devices.

Microlearning and Just-in-Time Training

Small is mighty! Microlearning is gaining popularity in onboarding. Instead of overwhelming newbies with long training sessions, it serves up short and focused modules. These modules tackle specific learning goals.

Just-in-time training takes it further by providing resources and support when employees need them.

Social and Collaborative Learning

Let's team up! Onboarding is getting more collaborative and social. Social learning platforms and collaborative tools are making it happen.

New employees can connect with colleagues, seek guidance, and join group discussions. This collaborative approach builds a community.

Personalised Learning Paths

You're unique! Personalised learning paths are the name of the game in onboarding.

Every employee has different learning needs, and organisations are recognising that. By tailoring the onboarding experience, new hires get the training and resources they need to succeed. Personalised learning considers prior knowledge, skills, and preferences.

Storytelling and Narrative-Based Onboarding

Once upon a time...

Storytelling takes centre stage in onboarding. It's all about creating an emotional connection between new employees and the organisation. Through narratives, organisations share their values, history, and culture in a captivating way.

Stories help newbies grasp the company's vision and mission while fostering a sense of belonging.

Gamified Progress Tracking and Rewards

Level up! Gamified progress tracking and rewards keep motivation high during onboarding. New employees can see their progress visually and get rewarded for their achievements. Badges, points, and leaderboards make the process fun and rewarding.

Data-Driven Onboarding Analytics

Data-driven success! Data analytics is the secret sauce for optimising onboarding. By analysing metrics and feedback, organisations get insights into employee performance, satisfaction, and retention.

This data-driven approach helps make improvements that align with employee needs and drive positive outcomes.

Virtual Onboarding Events and Gamified Challenges

Virtual vibes! Virtual onboarding events are the new norm in remote work. These events bring gamified challenges and activities to the virtual realm. New hires can join team-building exercises, solve puzzles, and collaborate on projects through virtual platforms.

What’s Next? 

So, get your game face on! Embracing these game-based onboarding trends will create a positive and impactful onboarding experience. It's all about setting the stage for the success of new employees and creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. Let the games begin!

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