Game Based Learning Solutions

Elevate your Employee Learning with Gamification

Transform the way your employees learn and upskill with India's leading provider of experiential learning content using an innovative and gamification based approach.

Discover how our tailored onboarding experiences, sales training simulations, business process challenges and behaviour training can revolutionise your workforce development.

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Onboarding Solutions

Elevate Your Onboarding Experience With Gamification

Our team of learning psychologists, designers, game developers, and artists craft immersive and interactive learning solutions for your employees. With our gamified onboarding solutions, employees engage in a 3D office environment that resembles your organisation.

They undertake tasks, challenges, and puzzles to learn experientially, fostering a deeper understanding of your company's culture and values.

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Engaged Onboarding reduces Attrition

Effective Onboarding leads to Knowledge Retention

Experience the StartOnboard Advantage

Scalable and standardised onboarding for higher engagement, improved productivity, and cost savings.

Onboard new hires anywhere, anytime with our digital platform, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience that sets them up for success from day one.

Embrace the future of onboarding and unlock the potential of your workforce with StartOnboard.



Product Training

Process Training

POSH, D&I & Compliance Training


Prepare your new hires for success even before they step foot in the office. Pre-onboarding equips them with essential information about the company's culture, values, and expectations. Get them acquainted with your organisation and its values, creating a positive impression right from the start.

Redefine onboarding for success with engaging and impactful learning experiences

Comprehensive Learning Programs: Tailored onboarding programs for different stages of the employee journey.

Scalable and Flexible: Onboard anywhere, anytime, and maintain the same high-quality experience.

Transformative Learning Adventures: Gamified approach with immersive 3D environments and interactive challenges.

Expertise in Applied Learning: Industry-leading, evidence-based learning experiences.

Safe Learning Environment: Encouraging a supportive learning culture.

Seamless Integration: Consistent, high-quality training throughout the employee journey.

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Customisation and Personalisation

We understand that every organisation's needs are unique. Our approach allows for customisation and personalisation, ensuring that the training aligns with specific learning objectives and organisational culture.

Realistic Simulations

Our micro-simulations replicate real-life workplace situations, enabling learners to practice and develop essential skills relevant to their roles. By engaging in realistic scenarios, participants can sharpen their problem-solving, communication, and decision-making abilities.

Safe Learning Environment

Our game provides a safe space for employees to explore sensitive topics related to POSH and D&I. It allows them to learn and make mistakes in a controlled setting, ultimately fostering a more respectful and supportive workplace culture.

Continuous Feedback and Reflection

We offer continuous feedback and reflection opportunities to enhance the learning experience. Learners receive immediate feedback on their choices, promoting self-assessment and introspection, which leads to personal growth and behaviour change.

Focus on Behaviour Change

We go beyond traditional knowledge transfer and focus on driving behaviour change. Our game-based approach is designed to embed inclusive practices and promote respectful behaviours in the workplace.