Your Investment – Is it secured?

How do you secure your financial future? More importantly as an Investment Banker, how to do you secure your clients future? What are the 10 Golden Rules to investing? Here’s an article written by The Economic Times which addresses this topic.
“For an intangible entity, time is starkly palpable. It seems to strum with glee when you make swift gains in the market; it's a sentient savant when you suffer losses; it can be an irksome sprinter for the ageing saver; a sluggish bore for a young trader. But mostly, time is a capricious companion, loyal to none, yet equanimous to all.” Read full article here.
Here’s what Suresh Rao, Chief Faculty at Imarticus Learning has to add:
 “Good investment requires good financial planning first. Before investing a rupee, work out what your objectives are, what return you need to achieve that objective, and what risk you need to take to achieve that return.  Never ignore the power of compounding! Don’t invest if you can’t understand what you are buying. If something is too good to be true, it probably is!!

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