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Data science often referred to as the ‘oil of the 21st century can be simply defined as the subject dealing with the collection, storage, analysis, deployment, and prediction of data. It collects the clean information from the raw data of the user and uses it for actionable insights. It is also used in predicting certain events in the future. Scientists define it as another form of statistics and YES! IT IS.:-

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Data science vs AI vs Machine Learning

Data science obviously has the upper hand when compared with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Indeed machine learning and AI is a subset of data science.

After all data science, machine learning, and AI are associated with each other to build the technology.

 By 2013, the total data created was 2.7 zettabytes which 9x times more than it was collected in the previous 92,000 years of humankind combined. And is 90% of entire world data has been created in just 2 years. YEP! That’s amazing.

And it is still growing at a rapid pace. By 2020, the total data created was 44 zettabytes and it is projected to a rise of 175 zettabytes at the dawn of 2025.

Processes in Data science:-

  1. Understanding Business problem
  2. Data Acquisition
  3. Data preparation
  4. Exploratory data analysis
  5. Data modeling
  6. Visualization and communication
  7. Deploy and maintenance

Potential of data science:-

The power of data science is beyond our vision. We use it in our day-to-day life. It made our lives easier. Data science is being currently being used by many companies like Google, Instagram, Apple, etc. Whatever we browse, we watch is everything monitored from second to second.

Some of these determine its potential:-

  1. Genomic data provides a deeper understanding of genetic issues.
  2. Logistics companies like DHL and FedEx have discovered the best time and route to the ship.
  3. Used to predict the employee artition and understand the variables that influence employee turnover.
  4. Airline companies can now easily predict flight delays and notify passengers.

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Applications of Data science:-

 Data science plays a major role in many fields of the world like health, finance, Entertainment, cyber security, social networking, weather forecasting, etc.

  • Apps like Instagram Facebook YouTube collect the data from which we are interested and designs a user-friendly profile with recommendations popping up.
  • Data science is also used in detecting earthquakes' location and magnitude by Seismograph.
  • Often used in cyber security and crime-related issues because data science has every single information of a person like his address, phone number, salary, what type of device he uses, etc.
  • Entertainment sites like Netflix and Prime video analyze the information from the videos which we have watched recently and creates our recommendations.

You might wonder which company has the most data. And the prize goes to google.

Because Google’s entire business is based on data science. Google uses apps like Google Maps to show us the best route in the traffic is an example often build by data science.

Companies like Apple supports the user's privacy and does not allow the companies to go through our personal information using data science.

A tool like VPN helps in disguising or diverting our IP address from ISP and third parties.

Another segment to know under data science is hacking.

Hacking is done by hackers who are unauthorized users who break into one’s system and steal or destroy their personal information.

Hacking can be prevented by installing anti-software and keeping it up-to-date.

Another way of preventing hacking is setting up two-factor authentication.

Artificial intelligence like Siri, Alexa, etc are designed for user assistance and can be referred to as user-friendly software.

best data science courses with placement in IndiaFuture outlook:-

In the future foresight for sure, Dada signs will rise rapidly and will make our lives much easier with the better implementation of technology in the upcoming generations. For sure we can see the golden ages of artificial intelligence in the upcoming era.

We will be able to get the use of robots for better development. But how much ever it grows it must be always embedded in the limits because if it overtakes the human race it will be the end of Mankind. But it is difficult to equal the level of human intelligence.

Case Study:- Instagram algorithm

The main objective of the Instagram algorithm is to keep its users online for as much time as possible. Its algorithm works like popping the ads that users might be interested in. Now you might wonder how can Instagram know about its user's interests.

Instagram algorithm stores the set of information of each user separately like how much time a user spends on a post or a real or what type of post he likes frequently or what type of ads the user visits.

So it analyzes from all these statistics and organizes the homepage and search engine of one account to hold them online for most of the time. It might seem surprising and tactical but at the end of the day, it’s all business.

The ones who are interested in data science is a very good field of the subject to opt for.

One can opt for data engineering at the graduation level. They would have a very good scope of becoming a data scientist or a data engineer. And The mean average salary is around $90,000 to 120,000 $.

And that’s it in today’s blog. Hope you had an informative day.

Hasta la vista.

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