Why Was It Difficult For Goutham?


Goutham is here to share his journey from being an under-confident individual to a charming confident professional in the field of AML-KYC.

Goutham’s ambition lies in the field of AML-KYC as he has always been passionate about learning how to prevent hefty penalties in any financial institution. In order to realize the same, keen learning was required in the field of AML-KYC.

Know Your Customer (KYC) was a basic program need for Goutham to understand the credit score of any individual backed up by Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML) to reduce any risk of fraud. But he wasn’t quite sure if his under-confident personality would help him with any placements. But he was a changed personality after enrolling at the Imarticus training center. Let’s see how!

Why was Goutham confident about choosing Imarticus as his learning partner?

My name is Goutham, and sometimes it was difficult for me even to communicate in public. However, my passion to study AML-KYC filled my heart to step out of my house and search for an institute that could help me with the best learning platform. That was when I came across Imarticus Learning Center that held my hand at the right time.

When I visited their center, I was impressed by the process of enrolment and their professional attributes. I was lucky enough to meet the trainer that day who understood my basic hesitation of public speaking. But after a conversation with my trainer who was taking care of other Investment Banking courses, I knew I was in the right hands!

While going back home, I browsed Imarticus learning reviews that made my decision firm on joining this institute. I knew I would be served with professional help and learning that I deserved.

Were you happy with your AML-KYC course?

Indeed, I was! In my first session itself, I was quite shocked as it was completely different from my expectation. I thought the module was based on theoretical knowledge, but the practical approach used by the trainer was commendable.

I was offered to talk about my views and opinions on the recent discussion in front of the whole group. Not only did it help me update my knowledge, but I also felt confident while discussing with other mates. Not only did it help me learn every aspect of learning KYC and AML essentials, but personally, I never felt more confident in my life. I was prepared to answer every prospect in AML-KYC domain with the confidence that was lacking before.

Are you going to recommend Imarticus learning to others? 

Why not? I mean, Imarticus was my first choice, and will always be! So far, my journey at Imarticus was nothing but practical experience to change my personality into a confident professional with a keen understanding of the subject. And that is what every one needs! I will definitely recommend this program to every individual in the Finance and Banking fields. This is surely a life-changing experience! All thanks to the trainer of the center. After all, with the right mentor, you can transform your career completely. And the trainers of Imarticus are the best mentors you could ask for.

Any news on your placement yet!

I couldn’t be more ready to face the real world. As a matter of fact, through the Imarticus learning placement services, I got an opportunity to be interviewed by the pioneers in the fields of Finance and Banking. I am just deciding which institute I should join. My journey at Imarticus not only helped me with an expert understanding of the subject but also groomed me into a professional individual.

And if you are also looking for an institute for AML-KYC learning, click here in order to receive professional guidance with Imarticus.

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