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Why Learn Artificial Intelligence

Is artificial intelligence (AI) hyped or reality? Why is every tech enthusiast learning artificial intelligence? That's because AI adoption is increasing, and the market is about to reach $190 billion by 2025. In addition, AI technology will increase global GDP by $15.7 trillion by 2030. So, AI is not hyped.

 As per a study, artificial intelligence (AI) can increase business productivity by 40 percent. That's why almost all sectors are adapting to artificial intelligence (AI), which has increased job opportunities across the globe.

Do you also want to join the world of AI but don't know what it is? How to start learning AI and the career opportunities in AI and machine learning? Read the blog below to know everything about artificial intelligence (AI).

 Let's understand what is artificial intelligence.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. With the help of AI, machines can think, learn, and function like humans. Various elements are used for creating artificial intelligence, including machine learning, big data, neural networks, and natural language processing. The importance of artificial intelligence has become vital for the modern world due to its various applications in industries. In short, AI help in saving time doing work.

 What are the 4 types of artificial intelligence (AI)?

 Reactive machine

This type of AI does not use memory or experience for decision-making. It just follows the current scenario and acts accordingly to inform the present decision. 

 Limited memory

 It resembles the reactive machine AI, but historical data is the only add-on. Most devices that we use today are examples of limited-memory AI. This type of AI stores a large amount of data as information and uses this as a reference to make predictions.

 Theory of mind

 AI, which understands human emotions, behavior, and thoughts, is the theory of mind AI. However, machines using the theory of mind AI is a future project yet to be used till now.


 Building self-aware machines that can generate representations of themselves is the final step in AI development. It's a development and expansion of the theory of mind artificial intelligence. 

 What does an artificial intelligence professional do?

 The mission of an artificial intelligence professional is to create an intelligent algorithm capable of analysing and predicting future events. Their role is to develop machines that can reason like the human brain.

 As a result, the AI specialist is also a researcher who studies the functioning of the human brain to create computer programs with the same cognitive abilities as humans.

 Who can learn AI?

 Anyone interested in artificial intelligence, data-driven, and familiar with programming languages like R, Python, etc., can learn AI. Developers, analysts, information architects, and analytics professionals can quickly learn AI and build a successful career in the growing field of AI.

 How to learn AI?

 Individuals who want to learn artificial intelligence and pursue this as a career have too many options. AI online and offline classes are readily available. In addition, there is an option of learning AI for professionals or students who cannot attend classes on weekdays by joining the weekend batches. Learning AI includes programming languages like Python, and R. Learning deep learning and machine learning are also included in the AI curriculum. The best way is to start learning the advanced mathematics concept and then move on to the coding language. 

 Why learn AI?

Every day humans generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. So we do need AI-enabled machines to manage and process this massive data. Not only this, but AI-powered machines are also widely used in sectors like healthcare, farming, natural disaster, etc. Now, you can imagine the demand for AI, which creates the need for artificial intelligence professionals. 

 An Analytics India Magazine (AIM) and Imarticus Learning study show that AI/ML engineers and big data analytics jobs indicate a maximum upward swing. As per the report, the business analyst role has the most jobs in this data science and AI sector, with 38,974. 

 There are approximately 34,566 data engineer job openings, 19,457 data scientist job openings, 10,564 deep learning job openings, and 2,214 AI/ML engineer job openings.

 Skills an AI professional needs.

The artificial intelligence (AI) sector has tremendous job opportunities and requires many skills and competencies. First and foremost, the desire to know the data insights and knowledge of algorithms, advanced mathematics, and statistics is a must for any artificial intelligence or data science professional. 

 Good knowledge of programming languages like Python is also required to play with the data. In addition, industry knowledge and the latest trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning will be very advantageous. 

 Communication and presentation skills play a vital role in climbing the ladder of the artificial intelligence domain.

 The preferred qualification for artificial intelligence professional

Artificial intelligence profile hiring managers prefer postgraduate degrees in mathematics, statistics, and computer application. In addition, knowledge of programming languages like Python, R, and Scala is very important for predictive analysis. 

 The career path of artificial intelligence (AI) professional

After completing the artificial intelligence course, you can apply for the job roles below.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers: They create the artificial intelligence model and make stakeholders understand it.
  2. Machine learning engineers: They design, build and manage machine learning software applications using data.
  3. Big data engineers: They create systems to communicate and collect data.
  4. Data scientists: They collect data, interpret it and predict information.
  5. Data analytics: They analyze data, mine insights, and utilize the information for decision-making.

 So what do we know about artificial intelligence (AI)?

We have explained what is artificial intelligence. A step-by-step guide to learning artificial intelligence and who can learn artificial intelligence. The career path of artificial intelligence professionals. It will help individuals who want to learn artificial intelligence and pursue a career in the field. You can contact us if you are looking for some good courses and programs in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Imarticus Learning offers the best artificial intelligence and machine learning course, designed by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati.

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