Why Gaining A Supply Chain Certification From IIT Is Different

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Why Gaining A Supply Chain Certification From IIT Is Different

It’s the dream of millions of Indians to study at IIT and experience its legacy of excellence. Interestingly, today, one need not be an engineering graduate to do that. Innovation and technology have revolutionized almost every discipline, and one that is highly impacted is Supply Chain Management (SCM). By pursuing a cutting-edge online supply chain certification course offered by IIT Roorkee, ambitious professionals can build in-demand industry skills and fast-track their career growth to the next level. 

Evolution of the supply chain

The cloud has completely transformed the modern supply chain. The accelerated growth of eCommerce, higher consumer expectations, shift to data-driven decision-making, and challenges in procuring raw materials have collectively influenced how SCM is practiced. These shifts have led to a disproportionate jump in the number of SCM jobs available across sectors and to an expansion of roles across the industry. 

Today one can choose from an array of Supply Chain Management Careers. One can become a Supply Planning Analyst, Data Scientist, Demand Planner, Procurement Specialist, Data Analyst, Supply And Operations Planner,  Quality Assurance Manager, and Logistics Manager

Aspiring supply chain management professionals need to invest in training that empowers them to succeed in their chosen career path. 

Build the skills of the future 

A modern SCM course, backed by an IIT faculty, curriculum, and certification, equips professionals to build skills. They can also get a taste of hands-on learning as they work on real-world SCM projects. For example, understanding how to leverage analytics through technologies such as Python gives SCM professionals the tools to improve efficiency, apply real-time insights to their outcomes, and innovate the supply chain in line with their business goals. Data-centric professionals are more likely to make superior decisions and directly impact their work and the profitability of the business. 

An industry-focused program 

An industry-focused curriculum helps you get exposure to core SCM concepts. It also enables hands-on learning of SCM processes, tools, and techniques. You will get exposure to core subjects such as supply chain performance, drivers and metrics, how to design the supply chain, planning demand and supply, improving supply chain profitability, and driving sales and operations. Some emerging subjects, such as handling uncertainties as well as leveraging technology to predict demand, are growing focus areas in the curriculum and the industry. Another important aspect is the entire placement process, which includes services such as resume building, job interview prep, and placement opportunities. This is especially important as you take the plunge into a whole new industry.  

The IIT Edge  

By opting for a superior 6-month SCM course, professionals can experience live sessions by IIT faculty, one of the best faculties in the world, and seasoned industry experts from the SCM field. You also get a unique opportunity to participate in a campus immersion module hosted at an IIT campus. Here you get to engage with peers and faculty and work on a capstone project under the guidance of professional mentors. At the end of the program, you get a certificate from the prestigious IIT. 

Work and learn! 

Today, you can pursue an online Supply Chain Certification Course, which allows you to work and learn simultaneously. You can access on-demand content via your smartphone or smart device from anywhere and learn as per your schedule. The byte-sized mix of video content, blogs, assignments, live sessions, and assessments make learning an engaging, interactive experience. Another benefit of a modern SCM course is mentorship. A mentor, backed with years of hands-on  SCM experience and industry-savviness, doubles up as a motivational guide and thought partner throughout the program. Your mentor also has the potential to value-add to your network throughout your professional career. 

Grow your network

Professional success is a measure of your skills and talent and your ability to nurture successful relationships in the industry. As they say, your network is your net worth! An IIT-certified SCM course gives you access to seasoned faculty and industry leaders from IIT’s network. You also have the opportunity to engage with peers looking to pursue growth in the field of your interest. In the future, they will become part of your professional network, not to mention the wide spectrum of IIT alumni who are already well-placed in the industry.   

Fuel career growth

Today, the digital supply chain model, which leverages AI, delivery automation, and blockchain, is a dynamic field. An IIT-backed SCM course equips you with the tools, experience, and network to excel and make your mark in this field.

To know more about online programs that can fuel your career growth, connect with us through chat support or drive down to our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. 

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