Why Data Science is the Hottest Career: Exploring Opportunities and Pathways

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Data science has emerged as the fastest-emerging field worldwide, revolutionising the way we extract, visualise, and maintain data. With its integration of machine learning capabilities, data science is poised to shape the future with countless possibilities and opportunities. 

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Organisations are now incorporating various branches of data science to keep up with the global markets. Since data science has a wide field, it needs to be studied in detail. 

In this article, let's get to know why a career in data science is now the most coveted career and how to become a successful data scientist in the future. 

What is Data Science? 

Data science is an interdisciplinary field where large chunks of data are studied with the help of AI and ML to ascertain their patterns. It involves the extraction, analysis, interpretation and visualisation of data. 

At its core, data science is the study of data and solving complex problems which emerge from various patterns that are deciphered through modern tools. This pattern is the crux of making crucial business decisions. 

Why Do You Need a Data Scientist? 

Data scientists with a combination of business and mathematics employ complex algorithms to enhance business knowledge. This, in return, would produce a prediction model for the organisation's business module with statistical data. 

A data scientist is now an essential need in the corporate sector. They work with both structured and unstructured data sort and organise them together and analyse them to present them easily to the stakeholders. This, in turn, helps the stakeholders to examine whether their departmental business and revenue goals are being met or not. 

With a data scientist, organisations can harness the power of data to gain meaningful insights about their operations and the global market, enabling them to thrive and seize valuable opportunities. It would help the stakeholders to make timely business decisions. 

Qualifications Needed to Become a Data Scientist 

Becoming a data scientist is relatively easy. However, one must have some desired technical and soft skills to become successful in this field. Let's see what skills one wants to establish a career in data science

Technical skills 

  • Must have a degree in Computer Science. 
  • Must be familiar with Python, Java, Hadoop, SAS and other programming languages to work for data analytics. 
  • Must be familiar with AI and ML. 

Soft skills 

  • Should have effective communication skills to function in a group. 
  • Should be creative enough to come up with solutions that the organisation might face from time to time. 
  • Must have the proper skill to communicate with the stakeholders. 

Careers in Data Science 

Data science is a new branch of science that comes with lots of lucrative career opportunities. Let's see what different careers one can pursue with the help of data science. 

Data Analyst 

A data analyst helps in connecting data from a database. They also help in summarising results after data processing. The average salary of a data analyst is Rs. 494,464 per year. 

Data Scientist 

A data scientist in a company is responsible for managing, mining and cleaning the data. They are hugely responsible for interpreting big data and analysing their results. The average salary is Rs. 910,238 per year. 

Data Engineer 

Once the data is mined, the data engineer is the person who finds valuable insights from the data. They are also responsible for maintaining architecture and data design. They also help in developing large warehouses that help in extra transform load. The average salary of a data engineer is Rs. 647,643 per year. 

Reasons Why Data Science is the Hottest Career

Data science is an emerging career option in 2023. Here are some reasons why one should opt to become a data scientist. 

Demand: Since there is a lack of qualified professionals in data science, jobs are in high demand. Esteemed organisations are in search of skilled individuals for Data Scientist positions. 

Salary: The average salary of a data scientist in India is Rs. 910,238 per year. Other than in India, the job pays very well across the globe. Hence, working in the data science field is extremely rewarding. 

Technology: As a data scientist, an individual gets aware of the latest technologies from AI and ML. They also learn about various programming languages like R programming languages and MongoDB to structure the raw data. This is one of the reasons why working as a data scientist is extremely lucrative. 


Data science is now a mandate in every industry and organisations are now looking for skilled individuals. If an individual is passionate about computer languages and statistics, then data science is a viable career option. 

If you are interested in building a career in data science, check out Imarticus Learning's Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Analytics. This course is open for early career professionals who have a tech background. 

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