Who provides the blockchain certification and how long is it valid for?

Who provides the blockchain certification and how long is it valid?

Blockchain is a term that refers to the peer-to-peer transaction of the digital assets created to support a crypto-currency called bitcoins. In today's era of continuously advancing technology, blockchain has a wide range of applications including healthcare, government, finance, manufacturing, and distribution resulting in huge demand for blockchain professionals. 

Blockchain is not a single technology but an architectural principle that requires a piece of specialized domain knowledge. This domain knowledge can be acquired with the help of online training courses and certifications available in this technology. Certified professionals have an additional advantage of validating their knowledge.  Presently, there is a huge demand for certified blockchain professionals in the market.

A certified blockchain professional is required to have profound domain knowledge of the technology so that he/she can build blockchain-based applications for businesses. Once a person has acquired the domain knowledge, they must be very clear with the type of certification. A check on the pre-requisites of a particular course is also a must. When a person is confident with the mentioned criteria, he/she can take up the course to become a certified professional.

Most of the e-learning websites offer courses on blockchain specialization but they are not very holistic. Therefore, choosing the right course is very important. Some of the preferred courses for blockchain certification and specialization are listed below.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain council offers a wide range of blockchain certification courses for individuals who not only want to expand their knowledge but also want to apply it to solve real-world problems. The various types of certifications offered by the blockchain council are certified blockchain experts, certified blockchain architects, certified blockchain and HR professionals, etc. These certifications are valid for a lifetime.

Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium(C4)

C4 offers certification to individuals who have already established some kind of expertise in blockchain technology. It provides certification in fields like certified bitcoin expert and cryptocurrency security standard auditor.

IBM Developer Works

IBM offers certification courses for strengthening the basic building blocks of blockchain technology as well as for getting deep knowledge about the concepts. The certification contains an open badge that lets people share the authenticity and validity of the certification.

Edureka’s Blockchain Online Course[MOU1] 

Edureka offers online certification to individuals as product managers, solutions architects, support professionals, project managers and software developers who want to get a basic as well as in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology. The certification requires some pre-requisites such as a basic knowledge of networking and Linux operating systems. These certifications are valid for a lifetime.

RMIT University

RMIT is Australia’s first university that offers a course on blockchain technology. It is developed in collaboration with Accenture and the largest fintech hub of Asia named Stone and Chalk. It is an 8-week long course dedicated to both the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain technology.


Blockchain has revolutionized the trade of digital assets. Through its concepts of validation and verification, it creates a strong trust amongst unknown peers, resulting in huge demand for a blockchain career. Online courses have made it possible for individuals to increase their practical as well as theoretical knowledge about technology. A further contribution and boost to an individual's career are provided by the certifications through online training and courses in blockchain technology.


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