What You Think You Know About Fintech and What You Need To Know?

Nowadays Fintech is a flourishing industry which is dispersing a new wave of technology. Yet few people never have been understood and try to know what is fintech although they are utilizing at least two fintech services!
So now by reading the above lines can you think how much you already know about fintech?

Customer demand driven advancement in the fintech part has prompted a change in how people and organizations cooperate with services of financial technology.

This can be seen by the fintech area's hottest current trends, which incorporate an expanded push for more mobile-based administrations, the reception of artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and blockchain technology, the execution of biometric security, and a progress towards more cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest technologies that is being executed by fintech India startups and in addition set up financial foundations. Progressions in AI technology have brought forth wise chat bots that can react to basic client benefit inquiries or give day in and day out budgetary help without human supervision.

AI also includes features like automated fraud detection algorithms, fully-automated financial trading and finding anti-money laundering pattern.

A PWC research found that 30 percent of substantial financial establishments are putting resources into AI. Besides, fintech new companies that concentrate on AI innovation have brought over $1 billion up in funding over the most recent two years.

Relying more on mobile

It is not so shocking that most of the customers opt applications on mobiles to deal with their personal funds as they have been stuck more to smartphones. This is unmistakably reflected in the utilization of online banking apps instead of directly visiting banks. This is encouraging mobile banking startups to capitalize more on.

In addition, consumers are not simply utilizing their mobiles to check their bank account balances and to pay bills. Payment is another zone inside fintech India that is progressing in a quick manner. In 2017, around one in four adult mobile users will use a payment app at one time a month.

Adapting the cloud

A broad range of fintech course startups is utilizing cloud computing services to both build and run their businesses As per latest Statement of the Cloud Report by RightScale, At present,  more than 96% of organizations utilize cloud computing services. Fintech startups are also devotees of the cloud and the advantages they can get from it.

Cloud computing has motivated past merely storing data on the cloud. Now, you can contract out a company’s complete IT infrastructure to cloud-based services, which can provide fintech startups with the boost they require to contend with large banking.

Biometric security

As cybersecurity is turning into an inexorably essential challenge for organizations and people, new safety measures are being executed to anchor financial data. The most unmistakable new security includes that fintech startups and recognized institutions of financial technology are betting on is biometric security.

Digital identifications via fingerprints are the initial phase in biometric security. Facial acknowledgment and voice acknowledgment utilizing smartphones is the next stage in reinforcing cybersecurity.

Allowing for the sharp increment in cybercrime and information breaks over the most recent two years, passwords and two-factor confirmation are never again viewed as sufficiently secure to ensure financial information.

Consequently, the biometric scanning is utilized by government organizations as safety measures, is a trend that will probably keep on growing in the financial technology segment.


All FinTech entrepreneurs appreciates new tools like artificial intelligence, connectivity, automation, block chain technology, machine learning, cryptocurrencies & alternative financing models, big mass media marketing, etc.
There is no doubt as far as anyone can say that financial technology will upset the managing a finance landscape.

Banks and other financial organizations should either incorporate a lot of these new advancements themselves or get driving fintech new companies who give these services and technologies to have the capacity to compete for the developing threat of inventive fintech new businesses that are offering new and enhanced financial services to the modern customer.

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