What Makes "Project: Paradigm Shift" a Watershed Moment in the Professional Lives of Fintech Learners!

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A paradigm shift is defined as the change in the working methodology, practices, etc. of any particular industry/sector. For example, if a new technology is introduced in any particular manufacturing business, it will change the way the goods used to be manufactured. Besides business, a paradigm shift is observed in many other sectors like disaster management, science, etc.

A paradigm shift is a change that occurs with time. Change is the nature of development & paradigm shift is that change. American physicist/philosopher Thomas Kahn Kuhn first coined the term ‘paradigm shift’.

Let us see why a paradigm shift is important in the lives of fintech learners.

Paradigm Shift in Fintech

Earlier, finance services were provided physically via banks. Fintech services created a paradigm shift in the financial sector. Besides physically visiting a bank, people can now do their transactions in just a few taps on their smartphones.

Fintech has changed the way financial services were provided to customers. Many new reforms are expected to come in the upcoming years in the fintech sector which will create a further paradigm shift in this sector. Fintech firms always hire expert individuals who can further reform the way financial services reach customers.

Fintech services are responsible for creating a paradigm shift in many sectors like banking, SMEs, MSMEs, etc. Fintech professionals should know about the paradigm shift & be able to create one for their firm/business. Whenever you can change according to the latest market, you pave the path for upward mobility. Let us see how to learn more about the paradigm shift in fintech.

Project: Paradigm Shift

Imarticus Learning provides a ‘Project: Paradigm Shift’ which is a part of their Professional Certification in FinTech course. This project is compulsory to attend and will help you in applying all the theories learned during the course. This project can create/signal a paradigm shift in business operations in the fintech industry. You will transform the learning of the course into business ideas with the help of this project.

To learn & implement paradigm shift, this course provided by Imarticus Learning is the best and is also the first of its kind. You can do a case study of some past successful business ideas made under this project on Imarticus Learning’s website.

Whether you choose the PRO or CORE fintech course provided by Imarticus, you will be eligible for the ‘Project: Paradigm Shift’. You will be applying various topics learned in the Fintech Certification course like RPA(Robotic Process Automation), blockchain, cryptocurrency management, etc. in real life via this project.

Fintech courseYou will get to know about the operations in digital banks via this course. It will help you in understanding the practices involved in the current fintech industry. This project provided by Imarticus is good for creating business ideas & start-ups.

Why Imarticus Learning?

 The Professional Certification in FinTech by SP Jain School of Global Management will provide you an edge as it covers all aspects of the fintech industry like payments, lending, new business models, API economy, blockchain, etc. The profit of choosing this course provided by Imarticus Learning are as follows:

  • You will be taught with an industry-first approach.
  • You will get placement support from Imarticus Learning and can access an AI-based job platform to find the best available jobs in the fintech industry.
  • You will also get access to a project platform via this course which will help you in showing your projects to potential recruiters & investors.
  • You will get access to SP Jain’s lab environment & can also interact with the vast fintech community.
  • You will be taught by expert faculties who are connected with reputed brands in the industry.
  • You will get to learn the role of new-age technologies in the fintech sector like blockchain, AI, ML, data analysis, etc.

In a Nutshell

 Fintech learners prefer this ‘Project: Paradigm Shift’ provided by Imarticus Learning in their Fintech Professional Course as it helps them in applying the learned topic experimentally. You will also get access to a world-class lab environment. This course can also be opted by professionals who are already working in the finance industry & want to upskills themselves. Start your Fintech course now!

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