What is the Difference Between Working in a Private Equity and an Investment bank?

Private equity and investment bank

An Investment bank is responsible for raising capital and assists its clients in making financial decisions. They help businesses to raise capital via investment from investors. Private equity also helps in raising capital but it is different from an Investment bank in many ways. Both these fields are concerned with the shares of any particular firm/company but their working methodology is different from one another. The professionals who work in both these sectors also have a different working approach. Read on to know more about the differences between working in private equity and an Investment bank.

Difference between Private Equity and an Investment bank

The major differences are as follows:

  • Investment banks provide investment opportunities to their clients but they never buy shares in their client’s business. They assist their clients in raising capital but are never involved in the business whereas if you are working in private equity, you will try to buy a stake in your client’s business. Private equity is fully involved in the client’s business. You can say that besides assisting in raising capital as Investment banks do, they are also an investor for their clients.
  • An Investment bank can help its clients in generating capital and this process can go till the client is satisfied with the bank’s services. In the case of private equity, you will try to buy an underperforming company and then make it successful and quickly sell your stake to some other stakeholder and exit from that company. They try to buy a stake at lower prices and sell it at higher prices.
  • An Investment bank knows the revenue it has to generate for its client in advance whereas if you are working in private equity, there is no limit up to how much you can increase the value of your stake. Private equity also shares their client's profit as they are also stakeholders in that particular company. Mostly, private equity receives its profit share in dividends.
  • The target investors of private equity are generally UHNWI (Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals) for investing in ventures whereas an Investment bank generally provides its services to all types of companies/firms ranging from mid-level companies to high-level companies.
  • The analysis of clients, market structure, etc. done in the Investment banks is more detailed and critical because they have to identify the risk associated with any client. On a contrary note, private equity does data analysis only to find out about the trends and potential investors. There is not much risk associated with their clients as they mostly work with UHNWI clients who can manage themselves pretty well.

Working Culture of Employees in an Investment bank and a Private Equity

An Investment bank has a workforce consisting of analysts, consultants, etc. who are larger in number as compared to the number of workers in private equity. Private equity works with a limited number of employees and has fewer working hours as compared to an Investment bank. The employees in Investment banks have fixed salaries but the employees in private equity are also involved in the business and many times get a small percent of the share of any particular venture where their firm is investing.

One can choose any of the aforementioned fields according to their interests. The skills required are almost the same in both of these sectors. You need to have more negotiation skills for working in private equity and if you are working in Investment banking, you need to have an analytical approach. To learn more about the working methodology, one can take up Investment banking courses available on the internet.

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