What Is The Difference Between B. Com Banking And Finance And BBA Banking And Finance & Which One Should You Choose?

With so many professional alternatives to choose from these days, it can be challenging for students to make the best decision. However, based on student preferences, Commerce appears to be the topic of choice in the current situation.

However, there are many disputes about which of the two approaches has a better chance of succeeding. So, in this in-depth piece, we'll look through the differences between BBA and BCom as undergraduate courses.

What Is the Difference Between B. Com Banking and Finance and BBA Banking and Finance?

  1. Com Banking and Finance is a 3-year degree in commercial banking that covers a wide range of topics in the banking and insurance industries, including accounting, banking law, insurance law, risk management, and regulations.

MBA online CoursesBBA Banking and Finance program focuses on the management of many disciplines in the banking and insurance industry, such as Treasury Operations, Risk Management, Investment Banking, Project and Infrastructure Management, and so on.

BBA Banking and Finance involved with the management of many fields included in the banking sector, whereas B. Com Banking and Finance deals with studying basic principles involved in the banking business.

Which Is Better: BBA or B. Com?

BCom is a wonderful choice for those who want to pursue a career in Commerce and want to learn more about various areas of the sector while also being interested in numbers. If you solely want to pursue a job in banking and management to become a New Age Banking and Finance Specialist, the necessary abilities to do so, a BBA degree may be a better option.

BBA is a professional course with more practical workshops and case studies in the curriculum. On the other hand, BCom gives students an in-depth understanding of the topic and prepares them to pursue a range of career routes within it.

How To Begin a Career in BBA Banking And Finance?

The widespread adoption of Financial Technology has dramatically changed the dynamics of the global economy, resulting in a surge in the need for qualified Finance Specialists.

Imarticus with JAIN online, new age banking and finance program are explored through training using cutting-edge technologies such as, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, and Big Data.

The immersive learning experience allows you to apply what you've learned in class to real-life situations. If you dream to advance your career by becoming a New Age Banking and Finance Specialist, you can embark on a fantastic professional learning adventure by Imarticus Online.

Data analytics courseYou'll work on real-world projects, simulations, and assignments while gaining a solid practical understanding of finance and general management, preparing you to join the New Age career in Banking and Finance workforce.

JAIN Online Highlights      

  • Online Degree Programs Approved by the UGC
  • NAAC 'A' Graded University
  • A Four-quadrant approach to program delivery is used, recommended by UGC
  • Studying hours and credentials are comparable to those found in regular classroom programs.
  • Top Ranked institute in India

The Bottom Line

You will learn from a comprehensive curriculum spanning in-demand New Age career in Banking and Finance skills like Financial Modelling, Equity Research, and FinTech as part of Imarticus BBA in Banking and Finance Program.

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