What Is Investment Banking Course?

What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is one of the most sought after career choices in the Finance industry. The lucrative remuneration and added privileges to information make it a dream job for many young finance enthusiasts. What exactly is an investment banking and what do the high profile investment bankers do?

Investment Banking can be understood as a discipline or division in the Finance and Banking Industry that specializes in providing investment solutions and capital creation for various government and private organizations.

The main role of investment banks is highlighted in underwriting new securities, sale of securities, facilitating mergers and acquisitions deals, guiding profitable investment avenues and complex financial instruments.

In addition to this, the investment banks also help in assessing the worth and creditworthiness of an organization, structuring deals for clients during mergers and acquisitions process and to plan and manage the financial aspects of projects carried out by the government and private enterprises.

During the underwriting process, investment bankers act as middlemen and mediators between the company issuing new securities and the investors looking for profitable investment opportunities. They leverage their vast network and expertise to connect both parties into a profitable agreement.

They guide the corporations in pricing financing instruments and navigating through strict guidelines of financial regulators. In Mergers and acquisition deals, investment bankers safeguard the interest of their clients by finding the right business to acquire or to merge with.

This includes conducting thorough industry-wide research and individually researching the companies shortlisted for probable M&A deals.

The Investment Banking Course

Most people eying for a career in the financial services industry or specifically into investment banking are puzzled with how to get into the investment banking industry and get their first breakthrough into this highly rewarding career prospect.

How to get into this industry is very subjective and is contingent on what stage of your career you are at presently. Those who are already into the Finance industry and want to specifically get into the role will eye for the investment banking course as it’ll provide them with in-depth knowledge about the industry and its functioning.

The investment banking courses are specifically designed for professionals who want to get an in-depth understanding of the core investment banking process. It aims to provide hands-on knowledge and skills to become a successful investment banking professional. It focuses on multiple aspects of the investment banking field such as equity research, corporate finance, financial modelling, portfolio management, Capital market, mergers, and acquisitions, etc.

People who are still in college or about to start their majors can plan it in an organised way by choosing relevant subjects that’ll help their ultimate career goals. They can start by opting for a Bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics, commerce or related fields.

For getting into top-notch investment banks, a Master’s in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance is a must, other ways to get into the game is by opting for more specialised investment banking courses like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, Financial Risk Manager (FRM), etc.

Equity research and financial modelling are some of the important aspects of investment banking and are more on the technical side of it. Financial modelling courses are also considered among the important investment banking course which will help you perform the job more effectively. The specialised courses give you an edge in the game and help you with your career goals.

The investment banking course aims to impart core investment banking knowledge. It guides the individual on various aspects of the investment banking industry like equity research, corporate finance, portfolio management, etc. 

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