What is Certificate in Investment Banking?

Understanding Investment Banking

Investment Banking and the buzz around the role of an investment banker is very mainstream. If you are in any way connected to the financial services industry or aspiring for a career in the finance industry you must know about this jackpot career option. The reason why I used the term jackpot is that is how it appears to be from the outside.

So what exactly is Investment Banking and what does a day into the life of an investment banker looks like, is what all aspiring enthusiasts are excited about. Investment banking is a highly specialized field in the financial services industry that deals with the creation of capital for big corporate houses and other entities including government bodies.

Investment banks help companies to source for funds and also advice on the capital structure that’ll be best suitable for the firm according to the requirements of the company. It helps to underwrite debt or equity securities to raise capital. In addition to this investment banks also helps to mediate and facilitate mergers and acquisitions deals for the company by finding firms with high synergies based on their complex research and data analysis.

Investment banks also help individuals with high net-worth to manage their finances and help them park their fund into profitable investments, it also guides people on complex financial securities like the alternative investments and private equity by assessing the risk appetite of the individuals and their return requirements based on their investment.

A day into the life of an investment banker is filled with a lot of research and client sourcing for the company and guiding people on their personal investment plans.

Certificate in Investment Banking

For those of you who understood the ‘What’ of Investment banking and are still sure they want to pursue their career in the field, lets come to the ‘How’ of the same. So, how to start out when you are aspiring to be an investment banker? What exactly should be your plan to pursue your dreams of earning the jackpot title?

The best course of action is to gain professional specialization in the fields with courses specifically catering to the needs of building a career in the Investment Banking Industry. One of the best ways is to get a certification for Investment banking. The main focus is on imparting knowledge related to subjects such as Investment Banking Basics, Financial Statement Analysis, Asset Class Valuations, Corporate Finance, Asset restructuring, etc.

The certified in Investment banking certification is developed as a comprehensive global certification exam. The main emphasis of this certification is to develop and assess the candidate's skills related to the investment banking field.

The certificate program in investment banking is framed to provide the candidate with expert knowledge about the subject matter to become successful in the field. The high perks and rewards naturally make the role more lucrative and in turn competitive, so a certification makes you stand out from the competition by upholding credibility.

This certificate program examines the candidate on his/her competency to build an organized and systematic approach to finding the valuations for listed and unlisted organizations within the context of deals like Mergers and acquisitions, Initial Public Offering (IPOs), Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBOs), and other investment-related decisions.

The majority of analysts, both aspiring and experienced, concluded that investing is an amalgamation of facts, models, mathematics, and analysis. The investment banking certification exam assimilates a multifaceted body of investment banking knowledge holistically packaging all these skills.

The certificate in Investment Banking provides a holistic development approach to building your career in the field and builds your competency.

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