What Is Capital Market And The Career Opportunities Worth Exploring?

IIM Calcutta investment banking and capital markets course

The term capital market describes the financial markets in which money and other assets are raised for companies, governments, and individuals. 

These markets include banking institutions that provide loans to consumers or businesses; stock exchanges; bond markets; futures exchange; derivatives trading systems; interest rates, equities, gold prices, oil prices, and central banks.

As a result, there are immense career opportunities in the capital market, and this blog discusses in brief capital markets career paths.

Career Options in Capital Markets?

Relationship Manager: To manage the accounts of individual customers in the bank or financial institutions and educates them to purchase suitable products.

Tarde Life Cycle in the Capital MarketA relationship manager caters to corporate clients like multinational companies or SMEs. An ideal relationship manager should strategize well, be a good listener, communicator, reliable, and have in-depth knowledge of financial markets and trade life cycle in the capital market.

Stock Broker: They help a retail investor to buy stocks via exchanges like BSE, NSE. A stockbroker must be well-versed in markets and be on tips with the latest market trends. A stockbroker is confident about the future movement of stocks and can offer timely advice on transactions.

Capital Market Consultant: Consultants help leading banks automate operations to reduce costs, improve customer service, grow revenue, and gain a competitive advantage. A Consultant must possess expertise in capital market businesses, functional and other technical areas. In addition, consultants must be handy on innovative practices, understanding predictive analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.

Portfolio Manager: A portfolio manager manages accounts and investments of high-net-worth individuals. They advise on optimal investment mix and suggest picking the right assets. The portfolio manager must have profound knowledge of financial planning and be capable of providing genuine advice.

Investment Banker: Investment bankers are financial advisors to corporations and governments. Clients raise money through investment bankers. Then, on the advice from investment bankers, clients issue stock, float bonds, negotiate an acquisition or arrange a sale of the valuable assets.

Skills needed to pursue a career in Capital Markets:

By now, you must have understood the capital market and the career scope; it's time to understand the skills and education required to make a career in this industry. The skills required for a career in capital markets are similar to that of Investment Banking and Equity Research.

With a PG degree in Finance, you can enter the market. But also need to focus on specialized skills like marketing, financial modeling, and analytics to prepare for new-age opportunities in the capital markets.

Capital Market CoursesTherefore, it makes even more sense if you have an idea to pursue a specialized course for careers in Capital Markets. Such specialization programs provide holistic insights into learning various aspects of Capital Markets.

Take a Leap with Imarticus:

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Imarticus assists fresh graduates and professionals gain vital knowledge of financial systems and capital market and teach negotiation and communication skills to attain a professional grip in Capital Markets. In addition, students enjoy networking and continuous placement support from Imarticus to land into the best organizations.

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