What is a Blockchain Course?

Blockchain Course

Blockchain technology is being used in many fields like finance, cryptocurrency transactions, online shopping payment, etc. Blockchain supports the digital transfer of information from a peer to another peer with users having access to read the information but not copy or amend it. A blockchain is made up of blocks and each block directs to the address of the previous block. This decentralized technology is providing fast results with increased security. A blockchain course will help you in understanding the concepts of blockchain and how to use it. A blockchain course via trusted sources like Imarticus Learning will make prepare you for all relevant roles available.

Skills Taught in a Blockchain Course

Some of the most prominent things that you can learn about blockchain & its applications via the blockchain course of Imarticus Learning are as follows:

  • You will be taught about the meaning of blockchain and its related concepts. The fundamentals & applications of blockchain technology will be discussed in a Blockchain Course.
  • Usage of blockchain in cryptocurrency transactions can be learned via a Blockchain Course. You can understand how prominent cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. use blockchain to provide secure services. You will grasp better with real-world blockchain scenarios.
  • You will get to know about the Hyperledger fabric in the blockchain which is a framework used to develop blockchain-based services, products, and applications.
  • The Fintech Pro-Degree & Blockchain Training offered via Imarticus Learning will also help you in understanding complex blockchain frameworks like Multi-chain blockchain.
  • You will learn about the security measures in blockchain and how asymmetric cryptography is used to make blockchain transactions secure. You will also get to know about the hash functions which are generated for each block in a blockchain network and hence increasing its security. The pair of public & private keys used for cryptography in blockchain can be understood via a course.

Why Choose Imarticus Learning Blockchain Course?

There is no restriction of any background study in the field of finance/blockchain to enrol you in Imarticus Learning courses. The Fintech Pro-Degree will consist of two batches. The first batch will focus on blockchain basic concepts and its applications while the second batch will focus on understanding cryptocurrency & financial processes using blockchain. Both the batches comprise of 60 hours of study in two months each. Imarticus learning courses are affordable and have successfully trained over 35,000 trainees. Industry experts will be there on Imarticus Learning courses to assist you and make you industry-ready.

Benefits of Blockchain

Let us explore some of the major benefits of blockchain which makes it indispensable for organizations and also a necessary skill to hone with the Blockchain course. It is a decentralized technology with no central controlling source. This increases the security as the information passes through million checkpoints and one has to falsify information at all checkpoints to alter it.

  1. The implementation of blockchain may be challenging in starting but it will save a lot of money & human resource in long run. Blockchain has helped many retail firms in cost optimization by doing financial transactions over the blockchain.
  2. You can learn blockchain technology via online courses and can increase transparency & traceability in your business.
  3. Blockchain technology once implied doesn’t require any portal charges to make transactions. This helps in creating payment portals that are secure and don’t levy any charges on its users.


Blockchain is quickly being adopted by many firms/companies across the globe. According to surveys by LinkedIn, blockchain is the second most required hard skill by the firms in their employees. Imarticus Learning blockchain course will make you industry ready and you will also get placement support. Imarticus Learning is collaborated with the top firms in the blockchain industry & will provide you with expert faculty members. Grab your Blockchain Course now!

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