What do you need to do to pass the US Certified Management Accountant course?

How to Become a US Certified Public Accountant?

Overview of US CMA Certification

The US Certified Management Accountant Exam (CMA) is a two-part examination. Part 1 of the exam emphasises financial planning, performance, reporting and control, whereas Part 2 is all about risk management, financial analysis and planning. You will be given 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and 2 essay-type questions for both parts of the exam. The duration of each exam is 4 hours.

In this article, we'll discuss the US Certified Management Accountant Course and some time management tips.

US CMA Exam Preparation: Self Study v/s Classroom Learning


Everyone has their own unique methods and pace when it comes to studying. Self-studying will help you to embrace your own pace. Having the flexibility to choose how to study and dedicating extra time to specific topics is a clear advantage. If you are a working professional, it will be convenient for you to take CMA online classes that enable you to be flexible.

Regarding cons, self-studying lacks accountability. Discipline is crucial for effective exam preparation. Moreover, you lack instructor and peer support for clearing doubts, requiring independent research. While some self-study programmes offer personalised guidance, this may incur extra expenses.

Classroom learning

While self-study works for some people, others prefer to be guided by a teacher. An instructor-led online programme is best for people who are not disciplined enough to take a self-study programme. Here, there will be a specific study schedule set for you. Another advantage is that you can reach out to your instructor with any questions you may have while studying.

If you travel a lot, the chances of missing a class can be high. Although you can see the recording of the missed class later, you will miss the key benefits of a live session. Also, live classes might not give you sufficient time to thoroughly absorb the material. If you are struggling with a specific topic, this can be hard.

Time management tips for US CMA exam preparation

Focus on what's important

The US Certified Management Accountant course curriculum is huge. You need to know the important topics to learn to pass Part 1 and Part 2 of the exam. Sometimes candidates can waste a lot of their time on less important topics. So, you need to have a thorough understanding of how the exam is weighed and scored.

Be realistic about your time

Of course, your US Certified Management Accountant Course programme will come with a study schedule. But, it's you who decides whether you want to commit to it. For instance, if you are able to devote only 8 hours a week to studying when your schedule requires you to spend 10 hours, you are hurting your chances to pass the exam. Be honest about your time and what you can commit.

Get enough sleep and exercise 

Cutting your sleep time to make time for studying is a bad idea. You need at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day to stay focused. Exercise is equally important as sleep. It will help increase your concentrate. Also, it's the best way to clear your head after an intense studying session. Try to incorporate a 10-minute workout into your schedule.

Set simple and realistic goals

One step at a time. The US Certified Management Accountant course curriculum is vast and it takes time to cover all the topics. Hence, you need to set small and achievable goals. Trying to learn too much at a time will overload your brain. Also, achieving these small goals will keep you motivated to follow the schedule.

Say "no" to temptations

You will find endless reasons to skip studying for a day. But you have to act smart and say "no" to those excuses. Remember, your aim is to pass the US CMA exam. You have to stay committed to your study schedule to achieve that. Although it can be a little tricky with family, you need to make them understand how important this is for you.

US CMA success stories 

Imarticus Learning has years of experience working in grooming individuals for the US CMA exam. Today, our students hold high-ranking jobs at top companies such as Societe Generale, State Street, IBM, J.P. Morgan and Genpact. All of our students can vouch for the quality of the learning experience and study programme we offer.

We know the importance of having a daily study schedule for passing an exam like the US CMA which has a vast syllabus to cover. Our educated and experienced instructors will plan your study schedule. This way, you will have an idea about which topics are to be prioritised and what needs more time. Our alumni say that this study schedule has helped them focus more on their studies.

Our curriculum is up-to-date and our online sessions have flexible timings. We understand that it can be difficult for professionals to prepare for the exam while working. That's why you are given the choice to choose a time that will fit into your schedule.

Key takeaway

Be it self-studying programmes or live classroom sessions, choose a learning path that will fit your needs. Keep in mind that your ultimate aim is to pass both exams and stay committed to your studies. If you wish to join the US Certified Management Accountant Course, visit Imarticus Learning now.

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