What Do Start-Up Investors Like or Dislike About Start-Ups?

Blockchain is the buzz word which has been on everyone’s lips of late. So, what is blockchain and how has it reshaped different industries today.

A range of investments and funding given at the right time helps start-ups push their business forward. Since digital is becoming the core of every business, start-ups especially in fintech have great products or services and are looking for investors. Business plans, goals, and an ability to take risks will influence an investment through VC or angel funding. With the rise of blockchain, AI, data analytics the startups will also see growth.

Here are a few things about startups that investors look for when they are looking at investments.

Strong Team and Good Product
With technology comes an abundance of ideas. However, all ideas are not feasible. When investors are looking for the right start-up to invest in, they look for an experienced team and a demand for the product. If there is a growing demand for a good product to hit the market and it looks stable for the next coming years, investors are likely to put their money behind it provided all other criteria are met.

They will evaluate how big a market share your business will get in the next decade or so.  The credibility of the team that has worked on the product or service also becomes an important evaluation criterion.

Credible Business Plan
Investors need to know everything that there is when it comes to a start-ups workings. Whether it is the marketing budget, working capital, production of services and products. In other words, investors need to understand where their money is going or how is it going to be spent.

Many start-ups are now deploying a small amount of investment towards fintech training so that the workforce is ready for scalability and deployment. It is not just good enough to have a product or a service, but there must be enough people who can know and sell it. Thus, fintech training comes a long way in such a scenario.

Passion and Hard Work
Needless to say, passion and commitment towards the business go a long way to get investors to put their money behind the business. A clear vision and a drive to accomplish that vision go a long way in getting the investors confidence in the business.

A team that is passionate and driven to accomplish the goals of the company tirelessly will impress any investor. Apart from this a knowledgeable team who have the required skill-set also add value. Undertaking training and programs especially certifications such as fintech prodegree will also help.

Data management, Artificial Intelligence and cloud, have seen massive adoptions in major industries across the world, leading to growth in start-ups. Innovative start-ups who receive funding at the right time are able to scale the business to successful heights.  Due to this, there will be the creation of new jobs and roles within organizations thereby leading to economic growth.

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