What aspects to look for before enrolling in an AI and ML course?

Key Aspects to Consider in AI and ML Courses 

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Significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning help organisations to identify different repetitive and time-consuming tasks and automate them. This field of technology assists in collecting, sorting and analysing large volumes of data. It is based on this data that companies identify trends and patterns. AI and ML also help recognise potential vulnerability areas in the organisation's systems. Several tools can then be employed to monitor these areas and identify threats.

AI in the education industry alone is expected to reach a CAGR of 40.3% between 2019 and 2025. With all organisations across different industries trying to introduce AI in their domain, studying AI and ML courses today will open a world of opportunities. You can create cutting-edge technologies in various sectors by taking AI and ML courses.

AI and machine learning are widely used in space-based and computing fields. It is also used in industries close to common people, such as healthcare, banking and finance, automobiles, etc. Thus, you can work in any sector after completing AI and ML courses.

The demand for AI engineers has skyrocketed in recent times. In fact, India is short of AI engineers by 51%. Additionally, these professionals who work across different industries are paid well. The average annual salary of an entry-level AI engineer in India will be around Rs. 8 lakhs. This is a considerably higher salary in comparison to other engineering degree graduates. The pay for an AI engineer at the highest level can go up to Rs. 50 lakhs per year.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are referred to as the skills of the century today. Indeed, advancement in this field will eventually replace some human workers. But, at the same time, they will also create several other job opportunities.  Experts have predicted that there will be a 31.4% increase in AI-based jobs by 2030. Therefore, people must have some knowledge about AI and ML to stay relevant.

Key aspects to consider before enrolling in AI and ML courses

Before enrolling in AI and ML courses, it's crucial to weigh certain key factors to make an informed decision about your education and career path in these fields.

Content and Curriculum

The learning material for AI and ML courses should be designed to boost your knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It should be engaging and assist you in unlocking career opportunities in the coveted fields of AI. By the end of the course, you must be updated with knowledge of the latest industry trends and different ways to take advantage of them.

Instructor Expertise

The course instructor's educational background and expertise in the field are important. A great mentor will always strive to improve student involvement and guide students to acquire more knowledge. They should be equipped with the knowledge and experience to show the right path in your career.

Accreditation and Recognition

AI and ML course certifications should give you a deeper understanding of technology to pursue a better career. When the certification is from a reputed institution like IIT Guwahati, it assures the employer to show confidence in your abilities.

Practical hands-on experience

The AI and ML courses should introduce you to real-world business problems. Through an AI and ML course certification by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, you will get the chance to work on 25 in-class projects. This will give you exposure to different fields in AI and ML.

Flexibility and format

The classes should be conducted flexibly. Working professionals should be able to fit these classes into their schedules without disturbing their professional and personal life routines. It would be convenient for working individuals if the classes were provided on weekends.

Every individual is different, and so is their learning style. Thus, AI and ML courses should be provided, keeping this in mind. The learning material should be delivered in different formats to cater to all kinds of learners.

Community and support

Throughout the program, you should be able to come across different experts within the industry. A strong professional network will help in the future, especially when trying to advance in your career. Therefore, always consider whether the AI and ML courses provide networking opportunities.

Key takeaway

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionised the way businesses operate today. With the help of AI and ML courses from Imarticus Learning, you can help businesses to be more effective, efficient and profitable. Companies give a lot of value to certification courses, and a certification from a reputed institution like IIT Guwahati will give you an edge over others. Visit Imarticus Learning to know about the AI and Machine Learning course fees and other details.

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